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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ...


It is a dark time for the Combine. 
Although much progress has been made, programming delays have kept fanatical players from the dream of living out their virtual lives in a simulated Star Wars galaxy.
Evading dread and despair, a group of dedicated players and administrators have devised a far-reaching plan to breathe life and excitement back into the Combine community.
The evil admin lord Darth Veynom, obsessed with bringing the Combine online, has dispatched many of these assistants into the far reaches of Internet ...

Combine Scenarios: What is it?

How long have you been thinking, "I wish I could use my character to actually do something in this game?" Well now you can! All those capabilities you've been wanting to use are now suddenly available to you. Combat, the Force, manufacturing, EVERYTHING is available to you. Just remember that you must follow all the Combine rules. 

How to play:

Game Actions: The majority of Combine: Scenarios are played on message boards in the Combine Role Playing Center. Separate boards are set up for each group participating in the Scenario. Moderators are assigned to each board to track each player's progress and record the results of those actions. These moderators are essentially referees that make sure everyone is playing fairly. Anyone god-moding, posting on boards where they don't belong, or harassing other players OOC (IC harassing is part of the game) will have their posts deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned from the scenario.

There will be instances where you don't want to post information about your actions on the public boards because that information will give away clues to the other players that hurts your advantage. In these instances, you may send a private e-mail to the board moderator. However, this should only be done when absolutely necessary and only on rare occasions. Only messages to keep other players from reading about your Scenario advantages are acceptable. Wanting to hide fleet strength, player skills, possessions, are NOT acceptable reasons to send mail to the moderator. Remember that the board moderator has a huge job to do. They do not have time to read hundreds of e-mails. Anyone abusing e-mail will get one warning from the moderator. After that, if the player continues to send massive e-mails, they will be informed by the moderator and all future e-mails from that player will be ignored and deleted.

When you discover something in the game, the moderators will inform you over the message boards in such a way as to not give an advantage to other players. Of course, just letting others read about your discoveries gives them an advantage, but remember this is a game for everyone's entertainment. Allowing everyone to read the adventures of others is part of the idea of Combine: Scenarios.

Ground Rules: Each scenario has a general theme. Only game actions that somehow relate to that theme are permitted. 

You must use only those ships, vehicles, and facilities that are available to you through ICIS. You may not RP that you have access to assets that your ICIS character does not have access to. 

Since items have not been introduced to the game yet, you may only use those items that your character would logically carry. Some small amount of God-moding here will be allowed, but not much!

Should you be required to move, you will actually have to move your ship using ICIS to the desired location. You may not RP what happens upon your arrival at your destination until after your ship exits hyperspace in ICIS. You may RP events that take place aboard your ship while in hyperspace.

Every ship or vehicle used must be used in a logical way and in accordance with the Combine rules. 

Example 1: The Empire leaves a typically strong fleet at Coruscant during a scenario in deep space. The Rebels would not be allowed to attack Coruscant as a part of this scenario.

Example 2: The Empire leaves little or no ships at Coruscant in response to a scenario in deep space. Since the Empire has brought the Coruscant defense fleet into the game, it opens up the planet to a Rebel attack.

Example 3: Martog the bounty hunter is on Tatooine and spots a smuggler with a huge bounty on his head. Since neither of these players is playing in the scenario and Tatooine is not where the scenario is taking place, Martog can not engage the smuggler.

Example 4: A smuggler has stolen an artifact found during a scenario and escaped to Tatooine. The owner of the Artifact has placed a bounty on the head of the smuggler. Should Martog find the smuggler, he can engage him since it is scenario related.

Example 5: Martog confronts the Smuggler and a battle breaks out. Since items have not been introduced to the game, during the battle Martog can claim to be carrying a DL-18, DL-44, W-2X Wrist Caster, knife, vibroblade and various other weapons that a bounty hunter may carry. He may not claim to be using a lightsaber, stormtrooper armor, HB-1, DH-17, or other items that a bounty hunter may not normally carry. He may also not claim to be carrying many different weapons for every occasion. Pick one or two weapons and stick with them unless he can logically RP getting new ones.

Example 6: A band of Rebels have snuck aboard an ISD and a battle ensues on the bridge. The ISD commander Admiral Yath can not claim that he always wears storm trooper armor for just such an emergency. He must wear a typical Imperial Officer's uniform.

Example 7: A typical ISD has a huge number of stormtroopers stationed aboard. Though Admiral Yath is the only player character aboard the ship, it is logical that he can call these stormtroopers in to confront whatever forces the Rebels have smuggled aboard his ship.

Example 8: Joe is a ship trader and personally owns 7 capital ships. He can not pilot all these ships himself so he can not claim to have a fleet of ships at his disposal. He would need additional players to assign the ships to and then those ships would move as those other players state on the message boards.

Example 9: Joe the ship trader also owns 12 X-TIEs. He can personally command one of these fighters and claim he has 11 NPCs piloting the other 11. He may direct the entire squadron time way.

Help: If you have general questions, post them under "Read First - instructions, rules, advice." One of the Scenario moderators will answer your questions.

1. Only use combat when appropriate to the scenario. We will not allow a character to be killed simply beacause the ability to kill them exsists. All groups will send a roster of ships/vehicles that they will be using in the scenario to the Administrators. All characters and assets that are involved in Veynom's search or any quest consequence of the scenario, becomes automatically a potential target. It will be assumed thereafter that these assets are fair game and can be targeted. Assets that have not been "registered" will not be allowed to participate and posts pertaining to these vessels will be deleted. Please refer to the folowing list of events as a guide on how to determine what is acceptable:

Example 1: Many government groups (Empire, Hapes,Core) declared martial law over their planets and began confiscating or destroying ships found in orbit.
Though these actions were permitted, they should not have been. There were no actions taken that tied these worlds to the scenario in any way. Therefore they should not have been allowed to happen.

Example 2: Hypothetically, suppose the Empire decides to send a large portion of the fleet that normally protects Coruscant off to rescue Veynom in the "Ashes..." scenario. This is a valid action because it is a direct response to Veynom's request for help. With the departure of defensive ships in response to the scenario, the defenses of Coruscant are weakened. This brings the defense of Coruscant into thescenario. The Rebels, Hapes, and anyone else are free to attack the Imperials; but only in the Coruscant system (not just the planet). Furthermore, because others are free to attack Coruscant, the Imperials are free to defend themselves against all perceived threats. Knowing they are at risk, the Imperials may declare martial law (only at Coruscant) and begin confiscating and destroying ships and personnel.

Example 3: In preparation to mount a rescue mission to save Veynom, the Sith gathered personnel and equipment at a point in space dubbed "Checkpoint Gamma". Since the Sith were publicly using this location as a staging area from which to mount a scenario related action, Checkpoint Gamma is considered part of the scenario. Should anyone come across the Sith at this location (anywhere in that system), they may attack them at will. Likewise since the Sith are open to attack there, they are free to defend themselves by attacking anyone entering the system. The actual coordinates of this location were never revealed on the public message board for obvious security reasons. But the Sith should have informed the moderator in a private e-mail so he can make the appropriate rulings. One last point, it is not acceptable to force a location that clearly belongs to another group into becoming a scenario location. For example, the Sith could not declare Checkpoint Gamma to be at Coruscant since it is clearly Imperial territory.

Example 4: Two Imperial warship commanders decided to defect with their ships to join the Sith. Since the Sith were publicly gathering forces to mount a rescue (a scenario related action) and these two warships were invited to join that rescue mission, the attempt to defect with the warships is within the scenario.
Whether or not such an attempt depends on the actual role play of the ship commanders and is up to admin as to whether it is successful.

Example 5: Members of the Core captured and tortured a player named Gan aboard the dreadnaught Vengeance with the apparent goal of killing him (which would delete his character from the Combine database). This action should not have been allowed. Gan was not performing any actions related to the scenario. The Vengeance was not performing any scenario related actions. Had Gan stumbled onto a Core operation related to the scenario, it would have been legal.

Example 6: There will be systems (X-110, ...) set up that play a direct role in the scenario. As such combat will be allowed and all players and assets there will be considered fair game

2. If you feel like there will be combat required, e-mail the administrators with your request and they will decide if your action falls within the acceptable guidelines. Additionally they will create a new topic for the actions to be played out in. Any post that targets another character, group, assets or initiates any hostile or forceful action will be deleted unless the course of action has been approved by an administrator

3. Persons attempting to engage another vessel in approved combat will state clearly their handles, the name and type of spacecraft they command, and the name and type of spacecraft they are engaging.

4. An appropriate and reasonable amount of time will be allowed for a "rebuttal" post by targeted ship commanders.

5. Safeties are off - characters will die and assets will be lost.

Current Scenario:

Our current scenario is "From the Ashes "

Background: Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, retired commander of the Imperial Navy left for the Unknown Regions of space roughly a year ago in the Lambda-class Shuttle Overlord on a secret mission. At last, the details of this mission begin to reveal themselves as a mysterious transmission from this legendary officer tells of technology that will change the face of the galaxy!

Instructions for Moderators:

Moderators have to:
  • delete godmoding,
  • list the handle of all participant,
  • spot the best post,
  • put a plus (+) near the handle of a participant each time his post has something original, nice, elegant, clever ... (example: Arkand ++)
  • when a topic is closed, they estimate how many XPs people should get and mail me the thing (10 000 XP at the very maximum).
  • remind to the players that their actions in the RPG must be syncronizated with ICIS/Holocom.
  • For each post in their topic, you get +10 CPs.

When a topic is closed, they have to mail to and to the list of all handles of people who posted, the number of plus they got, the XP they earned, the best post's handle AND a short resume of the topic (main facts only).


Topic: Other reactions

  1. Joe - 1500 XP - 3+
  2. Bill - 700 XP - +

Resume: Bill and Joe met on Kuat.

Best post: Bill