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Year 4 Day 135 Address of the Recent Affairs

Posted by
Tuesday, April 15
@ 19:44:46 PDT
In the past few days, great changes have taken place in the Combine. It is my personal feeling that many of these set (arguably, they repeat) an abominably bad precedent of interference, a feeling that is mirrored several times over by many of those I have had the privilege of playing with here. Out of Character interference with In Character situations has long been a sore point for me, hearkening back many, many years and through a great many fiascos of dubious intent and poor implementation. I will not belabor those points or provide examples; doing so, however passionately or however reasonably, does not produce results reflective of sensibility or reasonability. But then, such a stance can hardly be unexpected from me. Or from any player in comparable circumstances.

I have been asked by many what I shall do, now that I have been cast out of my IC position by Veynom. I have been in the Combine for a very long time. Over the years, I have been able to do an amazing number of things, In Character and Out of Character – experience that is rich, rewarding, and priceless beyond measure. I have met a great many people, players, characters, and in the end, that is what I have treasured most – the community. I have never stayed out of a love for the Combine Commander, ICIS, Holocom, or even the repeated assurances of a coming Darkness – the soul of any communal game will never be found in its mechanics, but in its people. And I have stayed because of the people – from Aintab to Zeblork, and with dozens between that A and Z going unnamed here, but who I have felt, friend or enemy, have contributed vastly to the pleasures we found in this game.

Despite this love for the community, I have chosen to leave the Combine.

There are those who will view this statement with contempt, snidely remarking that I am merely sulking over a purely personal frustration of personal ambition or arrogance. I would challenge those to remove their heads from their asses.

I know there are more who know the truth of my actions and motivation, without having ever spoken to me or having any real knowledge of the situations the group I have been a part of has faced through the rivalries of Veynom and Connel, to the Core Schism, to the sanction of the “Dark Empire” and its later claimed “confusion”, to the forced merger, to the most recent indignity. They see it, day by day, in the Combine – there are examples enough.

Bluntly, I have no faith in the Combine, particularly in its so-called Administration. Time and again I have seen reason and accountability ignored, inane and inexplicable decisions made – and when “explained”, they still dumbfound. Arbitrary, biased, capricious – the A-B-C’s of the Combine… Were it not so insulting to the efforts of so many, to the sensibilities of so many, it might be pitiable.

The Combine is unsatisfying on a great many levels, and I do not find the atmosphere created by the interference and bias of a self-involved Administration to be the sort of environment that I wish to involve myself in as a player. I am showing my refusal of such by my departure – I am “voting with my feet”.

I have chosen to leave the Combine, but my deep affection for community remains.

In that spirit, I will be closing my server,, to Combine traffic. Instead, I will be gladly providing alternative role-playing forums, tournament opportunities, activities, and a positive environment there, irrespective of “political affiliation” – in fact, welcoming of all.

Without clients, without red scenarios, we will continue our love for Star Wars gaming. Message board role-playing is not for all. We are well aware of that and it has been a long, long tradition to innovate, to lead to new vistas. Teams lead efforts, diligently, organizing tournaments for platform games and our own tactical gaming models.

More than anything, we wish to bring a sense of true ownership to players. To allow them to feel as though they have a real, tangible stake in what happens by allowing them to once again have control of their own destinies.

The dynamics and themes of Star Wars are simple -- controlling Empire takes over galaxy; Rebels, people who still support the old government, try to stop them and resist. There should not be any more interference from the game designers than setting that into motion. Where the game goes, even if it deviates from the "canon", should be the choice of players. Of their imaginations.
We are not storming off like a toddler because we are not getting our way. Our choice is to leave a system that does not fit us, and in order to form a better one. One that is enjoyable, rewarding, and, simply, fun.

We do not have malicious intents. We just want there to be another option.

I have faith in the people I have been working with, in the prospects before us. I have faith, here, in them, when I have none for the Combine.

I have hope.

That is something I want to share.


Year 4 Day 117 TEC13 Results

Posted by
Saturday, March 29
@ 14:40:53 PST
Congratulations to Flight Sergeant Han Vogel, this winner of the 13th Tactical Essay Contest! His essay has been uploaded to the TEC database and he is hereby awarded with the [TEC] ribbon.

Finally, I wish to announce that the search for another Assistant Administrator has been delayed indefinitely due to a number of difficulties encountered along the way. I have posted some information on this in the News thread of the Tactical Essay Contest forum for those interested. My apologies to the applicants. Your submissions are being kept on hand nonetheless for the future.

Captain Syn Becket
TEC Administrator

Year 4 Day 106 Warning to the Galaxy

Posted by
Tuesday, March 18
@ 05:40:34 PST


Origin: Coruscant
Distribution: Full
Authority: IIHC - Office of the Director
Subject: Warning to the Galaxy

Sentient beings of the galaxy, you are all aware of the history of the forming of the Empire, so I need not restate it. You all know of the Empire's goal of bringing Order to the chaos of the Galaxy, so I need not restate it.

What I will state however, is that Imperial Intelligence is under new leadership. I as the Director of Imperial Intelligence will make life for those opposing the Empire, disconsolate. You will not know where we strike next, how we will strike, and whom we will strike. You will live your life, constantly looking over your shoulder, and double checking that shadowy corner in every bar you walk into. I'm not here to play politics, I'm here to aid in the destruction of those opposing the Emperor's legitimate claim, as the ruler of the Galaxy.

The juxtaposition of our enemies will be shattered. The uncouth policies and strategies of the antagonist Rebel Alliance will become all too evident. My tactics are ruthless, my capabilities unimaginable, and my threats do carry weight. You will come to know that my bite is worse than my bark. Be wary, the enemies of the Emperor; for I shall strike fear into your hearts. For the ignorant that know not fear; your deaths will be the examples to others.


Year 4 Day 105 Tactical Essay Contest - Voting

Posted by
Monday, March 17
@ 15:56:49 PST

All Tactical Essay Contest submissions for the 13th TEC have been received, and now it is time for voting. The poll, along with links to each of the entries, can be found at in the Tactical Essay Contest forum of the ICC. All Imperials are encouraged to place their vote for the best entry.

Voting will end on Friday, March 28th. Any questions pertaining to the voting can be posted as a reply in the poll thread.

Captain Syn Becket
TEC Administrator

Year 4 Day 63 Advance of Command

Posted by
Deputy Director Skywise
Monday, February 03
@ 08:58:05 PST
//Origin// Coruscant
//Distribution// Full
//Authority// IIHC-ODD(*T-E)
//Subject// Advance of Command

In a small and dark office on the planet of Coruscant, Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence, Apollo Skywise takes a seat behind his desk and begins to speak.

"Citizens of the Empire, I greet you today with news that will influence the future of Imperial policy. Today I announce that Mr. Seele will serve the Empire as it's new Director of Intelligence. It is not often that news of our operations are released into the public eye. Many of our finest moments will never see the light of day, nor should they. Every moment of peace and tranquility on every Imperial planet is a small sign of our success. Director Seele now has the unique opportunity to place his signature on the peace that every one of you enjoys." Deputy Skywise settles back into his chair and continues with his speech. "I will remain as Deputy Director and loyal servant to the Director and the Throne, by order of the Emperor. The Ubiqtorate, strengthened by this move, shall press ever forward as the tip of the spear. Many may wonder after Director Seele’s appearance, but this moment, this appointment, was planted long before he late left the safety and comfort of our high towers on Coruscant. His return marks a new chapter for Imperial Intelligence."

//ClearedBy// Skywise, Apollo DDII; *
//ReleaseDate// Immediate

Imperial Intelligence

Year 4 Day 58 Chronicle Release

Posted by
Charles Slayden
Wednesday, January 29
@ 12:59:04 PST
Imperial Center, Sesswenna Sector D. Sephiroth

Greetings fellow Imperials from around the galaxy!

Many of you have surely noticed the fact that the Chronicle has been a bit forgotten during these hard times of constant terrorist attacks from the enemies of the Empire. However today I am proud to announce a new issue which should contain everything you need to know about what happens inside and outside the Empire. It is a new version under Editor C. Slayden, and the Chronicle team has changed a bit, however we will always provide you with the latest news, to make sure all Imperials are informed as they should be.

For access, use the menu on the left when you log into your IDN account, under "Imperial Chronicle." Also, as a finishing note, I’d like to add that a new issue is due out soon, as well, so stay tuned.

Year 4 Day 51 Coruscant Interdicted

Posted by
Moff Kirov Quel Droma
Tuesday, January 21
@ 16:53:59 PST
A priority transmission interrupts all public and military communications- and holochannels, throughout the Sesswana Sector.
The Imperial Seal is displayed, replaced after a few seconds with the seal of the Imperial Sesswana Sector Government.
After a few seconds more, the impressive image of Moff Kirov Quel Droma fills the screen, his rugged face showing a stern expression.

Greetings citizen.
Despite all efforts so far, the system and orbit of the Throne World, already buzzing with traffic, has been clogged by unregistered foreigners and squatting rabble.
My administration, with the acknowledgement of his Imperial Majesty himself, now has decided to clean up this mess once and for all.
Therefore the system of Coruscant is off limits for all non-imperial traffic until further notice.
Furthermore, unregistered foreigners that are found in Coruscani space have a final chance to do so within the next 48 hours, starting now. Ships entering OR leaving without permission from the Imperial Navy will be disabled, boarded and impounded, their owners and pilots arrested.
Ship masters with ships at Coruscant may contact the offices of the First Imperial Sector Fleet ( to register and then leave the system if required to.
Imperial citizens, allies and neutrals with legal business at Coruscant will be allowed to enter and leave the system normally after the interdiction is lifted.
Have a pleasant and productive day.

With a slight nod the Moff ends the transmission.

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