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Better things to do....
Hello once again...still waiting for any Imperial to defend their philosiphies in a debate...but anyway...

If you want to go and see what Anti has to say, be my guest - I'll probably even drop by and listen. My expectations are that this so-called NFG summit will end up being "listening to Anti say why the Rebels are out to enslave the galaxy." Just remember that he is a liar.

Harsh words maybe, but they're true. He maybe has never said anything that's totally false, but in many cases, Not Telling the Whole Truth is Just as Much a Falsehood as An Actual Lie.

Most of you may recall his last scathing attack against the RA. The first blow was directed against two seemilgly contradictory statements I made. Of course, he failed to mention that one was In Character and one was completely OUT of Character and about how ICIS ran. Now, I don't believe that he's that inexperienced that he doesn't know the differance between IC and OOC. I do believe that he was counting on you to not check the original articles for yourselves.

...I posted a response here immediately afterwards pointing this out, and they never responded to my criticism. That same statement, that has power only if his audience is ignorant, is still on the NT website.

Another half-truth is the "Cease Fire." It was not so much a cease-fire as it was Extortion. The Alliance didn't bring it up publicly because we have not declared hostilities against NT. However, if they want to, I'll let you in on the Second half of the statement. To accomplish this cease-fire, the Alliance would have to give them a significant amount of forces, including X-wings and Battle tanks. This wasn't a cease-fire. It was a group of thugs promising not to mug you if you gave them your speeder.

At any rate, we can't agree to a cease-fire because there's No Fire to Cease on our end. Despite all the attacks, the Alliance has never declared military hostilities on anyone other than the Empire.

If the Night Thieves really cared about the NFGs, they would be fighting the Empire and not us regardless of a pay-off. Killing members of the RA is going to help the Empire, regardless of NT's beliefs about us.

There are many options for an NFG or independent worker to choose from. The Alliance offers a chance to have a voice in a government dedicated to keeping their freedom. We have a plan for this and have been openly accepting questions/comments about it for some time.

However, it's your choice. You do not and will not ever have to join us if you want. If you want to go alone or be under any number of other peaceful governments, go ahead. And if you want to take advice from a group that has a personal grudge against former SC Spookie, lies, misrepresents facts, and whose motto is "Sex, booze, violence, and the Corellian way," it's your decision. We want to be your friend, not your parent.

Source: Alliance to Restore the Republic
- posted by Dr Fro @ 10:00 AM GMT


An honest challenge
What the Empire has never understood is that in many ways, it's not about military power. You can threaten, you can destroy, but you can never kill an idea. It doesn't matter how many thousands of ISDs you may build or millions of stormtroopers, people yearn for a freedom that they don't have. To have a voice in everything that effects their lives, rather than trusting a constantly changing bureaucracy.

There can be endless arguments about whose forces will be the most powerful in the long run. Only time will tell. But there can be a clear winner in the battle of ideas, to be made up in the mind of every being. Therefore I have had a standing offer that I will repeat. Anytime anyone wants to have a friendly debate without insults I'm more than likely available in the chat room.

If the Empire seriously thinks they are in the right, they owe it to explain why they believe they know better for you than you do.

Source: Rebel Alliance
- posted by Dr Fro @ 4:55 PM GMT


StarFight Command and Air Force
All Air Force and Starfighter Command Personnel,

It is imperative all SFC and AF personnel go to the SFC website message board at (click on Members for the message board).

HM Ashe

Source: SFC site
- posted by Dr Fro @ 9:43 AM GMT


Vacation Time

To the Rebel Alliance and those who it may concern,

In every being, there is a history and in every heart, there is wonder. A persons background, their heritage, their culture, where they came from, who their parents were, and so on, it all matters to most of us.

I, as well as my family, Acria and my two children, will be taking leave for about two weeks. We'll be going back home for a visit, stop to see some friends and family, then will return. Acria and I need a good break and also, this is a good time to teach our children their heritage.

In the meantime, I'm placing High Admiral Lysander of the Rebel Alliance Naval Command in charge. He will be the Chief of Operations (COO), until I return. Most may remember his term as the former COO in the past, so he does know how things work and what to do. He will be able to make descisions as I would, and of course, being sure to inform the Supreme Commander, Shae Briston.

As for High Ambassador Acria Larkin, Ambassador Borgstrup will be placed in charge of the Diplomacy Command. If you need anything in Diplomacy, please go to him.

Again, we will be back in two weeks. (Nov. 25th) If there is anything you need from either of us, please contact us before we take leave tomorrow. (Nov. 12th)

OOC: The three of us (Aves, Acria, Avalon), just need a good break from the Combine game. We have a lot of IRL things taking place at the moment, so we'd like to concentrate on those for now, along with Thanksgiving. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll return shortly in two weeks. Good luck everyone! Oh and yes, I'll still be checking my mail, and maybe ICQ to check up on things.


Aves Larkin
Chief of Operations
The Rebel Alliance

- posted by Aves Larkin @ 5:29 PM GMT


First Offical Statement
A young officer wearing the Supreme Commander rank walks up to the podium. "Good evening. I would like to thank you all for coming. This is my first speak as Supreme Commander and I hope it will be enlighting to everyone in the Alliance and in the Galaxy. It is an honour to continue Supreme Commander Spookie's goal of peace and personal freedom in the Galaxy. We will win this war. Unlike the Empire or any of the other factions, we did not lost the former commanding officer of the faction. Advisor Spookie is remaining to assist and advise the Rebel High Command. We accept and will use the abundance of knowledge and experience he has. We have recently added some new members to High Command. This is a good thing. These newer officers wanted their jobs and have begun to show that they were the right chooses for the jobs.

A little personal history of myself. I started out in the Rebel Alliance Starfighter Command as an X Wing pilot. In my time in this command I learned a great deal from my commanding officers. Also at this time I assisted the Medical Corps as an inturn and the Quartermasters Office as an assistant QM. After a while I moved up the chain of command to become the Executive Officer of the X Wing Group and I became the Chief Assistant at the QM Office. I decided to join Internal Affairs since it would be best for the Alliance if i did. After my commanding officer retired from the Alliance, I joined High Command as Director of Interal Affairs. Once IA became disbanded, I was in limbo for a little bit. Supreme Commander Spookie offered the position of High General of Ground Command. I accepted and Ground Command evolved into Planetary Command. And I have been CO of Planetary Command since then.

Supreme Commander Fox Spooker, has given me a difficult job. How can I measure up to a commander, who has made the Alliance a better overall faction in through his vision and hard work? I will need the assistance of all members of the Rebel Alliance to help move this faction forward. I will always be free to answer any questions and i will listen to any suggestion. The will be some changes in the near future but most of them are minor.

And to Supreme Commander Fox Spookie, it is my pleasure to present him with this certificate. It is for his long and distungished career as Supreme Commander.

I hope you like it, Sir.

I would like to say to the members of Planetary Command past and present, that my time in that command was very enjoyable. I have seen many of you move up the chain of command to make that command better with your ideas and suggestions. Althought I will be busy with my new job, I will always welcome a message from any of you.

Thank you.

Supreme Commander Shae Briston
High Command
Rebel Alliance

Source: Rebel Alliance Headquarters
- posted by Shae Briston @ 7:58 PM GMT

Location : Rebel Headquarters

Town hall:
All High-command members have taken a seat on a large u-shaped table, ...behind them large curtains hang from the ceiling to the ground, the symbol of the Rebel alliance can be clearly seen on it.
In the center of the table you see Supreme Commander Spookie, next to him on his right side you see Chief of Operations Aves larkin,next to him High-Ambassador Acria Larkin took her seat, to her, the new Director of intelligence Dr.Fro is staring toward the camera.
on Spookie's left side, High-General Shae Briston has his seat, with next to him, the Commanding officer of the navy, High-Admiral Lysander, to Lysander, High-Marshall Ashe and High-Admiral Moleman are switching a few words.
And next to them the Quartermaster and the Surgeon General, Balavan Bobil and Ken Jiu are paying attention.

The hall is filled with officers, pilots, soldiers,... the press also is present, every member of the alliance, not present in the system can follow the broadcast on the holovids.
Alot of noice is comming from the hall, ...the ppl who have gathered are telling stories to eachother, making jokes, having fun, ...but they all await the reason why they have been gathered here.

Then one of the guards walks to the microphone, and tries to get the attention, .... after a few tries, he succeeds and everyone is quiet, and all ear.

The guard continues: People of the alliance, ...we have been gathered here, on a special request of our Supreme Commander, ... keep quiet and listen to what our Commander has to say..
He steps back, ...and everyone looks to the old man in the middle of the table,'s zoom in on him, lights shine toward him..
Spookie gets up from his table, puts his chair back under the table and moves toward the microphones in front of the table. He adjusts some of the microphone height so everyone can hear him clear.
When you look at him you see his wearing his dark brownish coat with golden borders, ...underneath that he wears his red costume with a high collar.. his long grey hair worn in a tail hang over his left shoulder. The typical outfit he wears on special occasions.

Spookie takes a sip of the glass of water , and then he starts :
Citizens of the Alliance,

For quite a while now , i have been blessed withthe task to lead this mighty alliance through good and bad days,...
I have seen it grow stronger each day, dispite many attemps from outsiders who tried to break us apart.
All this time , I with the help of my High-Commanders, have been listening, talking, working , organizing and many other things, to make the alliance what it is now.... A growing group of Organized Freedom fighters!

...A large applause comes from the town hall...

But time is collectiong its toll,...
Spookie turns his head down...a few seconds later he turns back to the audience...
with my age of 60,.. i Fox 'Spookie' Spookers, nolonger have the energy, nor the strenght, to lead this wonderfull group.

...ppl start to mumble in the hall, everyone looks surprised, but they keep paying attention...

I have realized that the alliance only can grow futher with a new and younger leader, ...someone who's fit and has enough strenght to take over this hard task, ..the task to spread the fire of the rebellion , the task to free the galaxy of its tirans, the task to restore the new republic!

These skills i have found in the person of High-General Shae Briston.

...Spookie looks towards Shae Briston, ...and gives him a sign to come to the micro...
Shae slowly gets up, and walks toward Spookie...
Spookie shakes Shae's hand as he stands next to him.

Shae Briston, are you prepared to take over the task of Supreme Commander, ...Will you do everything in your power to prevent the Empire taking control of the galaxy, ..will do anything to preserve the freedom of every living being, to free the galaxy, and to restore the New Republic.

-Yes I am.

Then with the Power given to me, i Fox 'Spookie' Spookers, hand the Leadership of the Rebel Alliance over to you, Supreme Commander Shae Briston!

...Spookie takes of his medallion , the insignia he had worn for a long time now, and wich had been worn by all former Supreme Commanders and hands it over to Supreme Commander Shae Briston...

May the Force be with you , Commander.

...Spookie takes a step behind so Shae can talk toward the ppl...

Spookie, Chief Larkin, all High Commanders and all rebel personal as a whole, I would like to thank Spookie for having faith in me to be able to continue his work.
It takes a special kind of person to lead this band of freedom fighters. Spookie has been and will always be, the model of what a Supreme Commander should be. He has been always open to new ideas from a High Commander to a new recruit.
He has been patient to everyone and has been understanding when member of the Alliance has complained to him.
When Spookie was named Supreme Commander, the Rebel Alliance was in disarray. Through his hard work and vision, he has made the Rebel Alliance into a cohesive, hard working faction.
It is my honour to continue his work and I will strive to made the Alliance even better. I cannot do this alone and I ask my fellow High Commanders to assist me. I will also ask everyone to be patient in the next couple of weeks.
It will take me some time to adjust to this new position.
I do have one request. And it is to you, Spookie. Will you stay on as an advisor to High Command?
We cannot lose the experience and the leadership which you have. We do not want to be like the Empire or the other factions. When they have a new leader, the former Commanding Officer leaves that faction.
We need all the assets and advantages we care get and you are the biggest asset we can have.

... Shae steps back to allow Spookie to reply to Shae's request..

...Spookie takes a step forward again...

Ohh, but i will never leave the Alliance, ...i still will be working close with High-Command but on a more passive way now and will advice Shae whereever he needs some...

I would like to thank anyone fo you personnaly , but that would keep me busy for ages , so ...i'll just do it here, ....

Thanks for all your support, ..for all the compliments, and all the morale boosting chats we had, thanks for your respect and your loyalty, ...thanks for your company and most of all , thanks for your Friendship. noticed a few tears rolling down Spookie's cheek...

i hope you all will Support Shae , as you have been supporting me!!
May the Force be with you all!!

Spookie's head turns down, and he slowly moves backward...where he gets surrounded by his former High-commanders.

***Note from the Real life Spookie :) ***
With alot of things in RL, 2th Job, and building my house...i will not be able to spend as much time for this sim as i have before, ...
Thats why i'm resigning my position as leader, ...i want someone who has time and in online alot to be in charge of the alliance, ...i think its best for everyone in the Alliance, ...and well its better for the sim aswell eh...
i don't wanna be SC, just to be SC , and never be online, ...that would just spoil the fun of everyone.

but I will stay in the Alliance , and will stay in High-Command as Advisor!
Well, ..the 14 months i've been in charge of the alliance have been really great, and i want to thank every one of you , who have been part of these great days.
I really enjoyed every moment of it :)

- posted by Spookie @ 5:35 PM GMT A rough road leads to the stars, ...let's walk it together


New Starfighter Command High Marshall

Four officers stood onto a wooden platform that carried a large circular deep red rug, that held the Rebel Alliance insignia. One of the officers walked up to the podium, fixing the microphone in place as he began to speak before the crowd.

"Greetings everyone. I'm Aves Larkin, the Chief of Operations in the Rebel Alliance. Thank you all for coming, especially on this event," he smiled as he continued on.

"As most have probably heard and know already, High Marshall Omega Psiphi has resigned his position in the Rebel Alliance and will no longer be of service in the Alliance. (Due to IRL situations) Omega Psiphi, if you could please rise," Aves looked over to Omega as he walked over and stood in front of him, in a salute. Aves saluted in return, then pinned a medal on Omega's old flight suit and shook his hand.

"Thank you for your service in the Rebel Alliance, Omega Psiphi. You will always be remembered for your dedication, your loyalty in the Alliance, and most of all, your friendship. You will not be forgotten," he smiled to his friend.

"Vice Marshall Ashe, please rise." Ashe stood up, as Omega took his seat and sat down, and walked towards Aves. "I, Aves Larkin, hereby declare Vice Marshall Ashe to take the new rank of a High Marshall for Starfighter Command. Congratulations Ashe, I know you'll do an excellent job in your new position and many best wishes to you," he smiled to Ashe after pinning a little golden winged pin on him.

Aves faced everyone once again and began to speak, "Congratulations to Ashe again and good luck Omega, with what you make of yourself in life. Thank you all for coming."

Aves Larkin
Chief of Operations
The Rebel Alliance

- posted by Aves Larkin @ 4:01 AM GMT


*** Location: Alliance R&D Lab.***

The lights of the Research Lab went on as the sun disappeared from the sky.
Most scientists went home after a long day of work on new ship plans. Mon Akira was still in his room. He wanted to spend a few last moments in his lab.
He wasnt outside very much the past time. He was a little bit quiet also.
Nobody wanted to disturb him.

Several monitors displaying blueprints and statistics were running.
Akira, connected with the R&D interface tried to find any sense behind the data. Hours and hours passed. His left Hand, or however you would call this part the Calamarian body, was shaking.

Computer..., he was starting one more test, Recalculate the last analysis. Start at process one-zero-six-two block alpha.
There was almost no progress. His headage and the tired eyes didnt make it any better.
Computer... prepare me a next injection. Bomacepan, 10 units, intravenously.

Command cannot be executed. Security subroutine #141 perh...
Computer, deactivate protocol #141, authorisation Akira Beta One
*It doesnt want to learn...*

-- Few hours later --
Chief, there is a transmission for you in the com-center.
The officer was walking toward Akira.
Chief?... Security! We need an medic here immediately!

*** A few days Later***


Chief engineer Mon Akira was found unconcious in his lab.
He was brought to the medical institute in critical status
However lastest reports says that Akira has regained conciousnes and is on better hand.

Supreme Commander Spookie told us in a conference that Akira will be under supervision of the best Alliance doctors, and will be held in the hospital untill he's fully recovered.
If Akira still wants his retirement afterwards, he still can, if he however wishes to rejoin the Alliance, he will be reassigned in R&D.

- posted by Spookie @ 6:32 AM GMT A rough road leads to the stars, ...let's walk it together

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