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Posted at Year 3 Day 321
Corbin Esco Black Sun
TITLE : Shockball Week 7 - Win A Capital Class Ship!
Your holoprojector sparks to life as the Galactic Shockball League crest appears. Electricity arcs across the metallic looking logo as it spins slowly. Behind the logo you can see the vague hints of big plays from games this past week. One such play shows a man jumping high up into the air to catch the ball. He turns and jumps, his determination and concentration unbroken. Reaching high he grasps the ball and prepares for the ungodly hit he knows is to come...and it does. Two defenders dive fiercely into the man sending him sprawling. The bone-jarring hit stuns the receiver and the ball falls to the group, the pass incomplete. Even as the receiver rolls on the ground writhing in pain the defenders jump to their feet and celebrate. Fired up at the explosive hit.

The only game that matters

This week you have a chance to win a brand new YV-666 Capital class ship

All persons betting at least 2 million credits on a 3-pick bet
will be entered into a drawing for the YV-666. It doesn`t matter
if you win or loose your bet, you will still be eligable for the
drawing. See below for bet details.

This weeks matchups: - New Anzat Bills at Kuraine`s Dolphins - Outrider Panthers at Tytus Falcons - Prexar`s Bears at Darque Lions - Delta Force Broncoes at Illumni Chiefs - Nisshutsu Jaguars at Vel Koon`s Kel Dor Ravens - Niven`s Vikings at Juganoth Jets - Caar`s Selonian Seahawks at Kuat Rams - Royal Imperial 49ers at Black Sun Saints - New Order Buccaneers at Infinite Dark Eagles - Alk Lellish Ewoks at Balach`s Browns - Wraith Chargers at Dark Shoulder`s Raiders - Falleen Cowboys at Unnamed Cardinals - Casino Infinity`s Mandalorian Redskins at Unnamed Packers - Nagow Colts at Nime`s Steelers -

New Anzat Bills at Kuraine`s Dolphins
The Dolphins continue their impressive winning ways as they host the New Anzat Bills. The Bills have been up and down this season but seem to be coming on strong. Thier offense will be pitted against one of the fierciest defenses in the league which is spear-headed by Karm Errosin, the huge rookie gamorrean. This man is easily twice the weight of most player out there and stopping him is no easy task.
Line: Bills plus 5 points

Outrider Panthers at Tytus Falcons

The Outrider Panthers will pay a visit to the Kothlis system this week. Tytus Escorting Command, or TEI Command as they are better known, have rushed to get all the ships and transports of the Outrider team and their fans registered and cleared to enter the system. The head of player personnel of the Panthers did say that although the delays and setbacks were a great inconvience he completely understands why they are necessary and agrees with how TEI Command is handling their situation.
Line: Panthers plus 4 points

Prexar`s Bears at Darque Lions

Darque Memorial Stadium is the sight for the Bears next game. The Bears come in off a bye week in which they had plenty of time to rest and recover. The team ordered nearly double the bacta treatments they normally do in hopes of getting everyone to 100% for this game. The Lions have been training hard as well and look to mark the opening of the newly remodeled home stadium with a victory.
Line: Lions plus 3 points

Delta Force Broncos at Illumni Chiefs

Broncos and Chiefs. This is shaping up to be one of the best games this week. The Chiefs bring their leading rusher to take on one of the leagues top rush defenses. One the other side of the ball you have the fully capable pass happy offense who looks to take their aerial assault to the shakey Chiefs defense. This game will come down to who wants it more.
Line: Chiefs plus 3 points

Nisshutsu Jaguars at Vel Koon`s Kel Dor Ravens

This age old rivalry adds another chapter to its history as the Jaguars head out to meet the Ravens. Nisshutsu owners have had a tremendously great week with their ship sale revenues as the continue to produce some of the finiest ships in the galaxy. As a reward to some of its most loyal customers the have made room for them aboard the teams shuttles and will be taking them all to the game.
Line: Jaguars plus 2 points

Niven`s Vikings at Juganoth Jets

The Jets come off their bye week and get ready to take on the visiting Vikings. The Jets have had some rough times in the last few weeks but they have been working hard to fix their problem areas. The Vikings too have had their troubles as of late and are just now getting it all back together. Both times will work to take control of this game and put some numbers on the boards.
Line: Vikings plus 3 points

Caar\'s Selonian Seahawks at Kuat Rams

The Rams are coming off their first victory as they brought down the undefeated Raiders in a impressive showing this past week. The Seahawks are recovering from their tough loss to the Royal Imperial 49ers. The Seahawks are angry and out to make someone pay, but the Rams will look to step up to the challenge and come out victorious.
Line: No line, free pick

Royal Imperial 49ers at Black Sun Saints

The 49ers head coach had some strong words this week for the Saints. `We are confident we will come away with a victory.` The Saints head coach was not immediately available to reply, but a spokesman for the team did say the proof would be in the game.
Line: 49ers plus 2 points

New Order Buccaneers at Infinite Dark Eagles

The Infinite Dark Eagles are rested, ready, and waiting for the Buccaneers. Both teams have two of the leagues best defenses and capable offenses. This contest will be a hard-hitting knockdown type of game. A game that will truly capture the essence of what Shockball is.
Line: Buccaneers plus 4 points

Alk Lellish Ewoks at Balach`s Browns

The Ewoks make their way to the Browns home field for what will prove to be a most interesting game. The Ewoks, whose teams is comprised of just that, looks to bring its face passed offense to the Browns who have been struggling themselves. The two teams will give everything they have in this matchup.
Line: Browns plus 10 points

Wraith Chargers at Dark Shoulder`s Raiders

The Raiders and the Chargers meet head on this week. Both teams are highly feared and respected around the league and booth boost two of the best records in the league. The Chargers have made a habit of steamrolling their opponents, but the have yet to face a team the caliber of the Raiders. This will be one of the greatest matchups this week and promises to be a most exciting game.
Line: Chargers plus 6 points

Falleen Cowboys at Unnamed Cardinals

The Cowboys travel halfway across the galaxy for their showdown with the Cardinals. Both teams need a win and won\'t give an inch in this game.
Line: Cowboys plus 3 points

Casino Infinity\'s Mandolorian Redskins at Unnamed Packers

The struggling Redskins travel to the Packers home field this week. The Packers have been training hard this week and looking to further their winning streak. The Redskins have been shakey since the start and are looking to regain the footing they once had.
Line: Redskins plus 9 points

Nagow Colts at Nime`s Steelers

The Colts and the Steelers go head to head in this battle for respect. The Colts have been struggling lately and look to return to their glory. The Steelers have been very disappointing until last week when a new quarterback stepped in to led the team. Both teams seek to regain the respect they feel they deserve.
Line: Coltsplus 3 points

Betting Options
In addition to single pick bets we also offer multiple pick bets which have a much higher pay out.
Example of a 3-pick bet: If you chose the Royal Imperial 49ers, the Black Sun Saints, and the Tytus Falcons and all those teams won (according to the Lines mentioned under each game) you would win 5 for 1. IE if you bet 20,000 credits you now have 100,000. But remember: In addtion to that you will also be entered into the drawing for the YV-666! Each 2 million credit bet gets one entry. 4 million credit bets get 2 entries, 6 million credit bets get 3 entries and so on. Also any multiple pick bets higher then 3 will get a drawing entry. 4-pick, 5-pick, etc. All Teams Must Win - Ties Lose!

3 out of 3________________5 for 1
4 out of 4_______________10 for 1
5 out of 5_______________15 for 1
6 out of 6_______________30 for 1
7 out of 7_______________40 for 1
8 out of 8_______________50 for 1
9 out of 9_______________75 for 1
10 out of 10____________100 for 1
11 out of 11____________150 for 1
12 out of 12____________200 for 1
13 out of 13____________350 for 1

Consolation Prizes
9 out of 10______________5 for 1
11 out of 12____________10 for 1
12 out of 13____________20 for 1

All bets are due in by 12:00pm EST to corbinesco@financier.com, if that account gets full please use sabretooth056@yahoo.com. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to speak with you all soon.

All questions are welcomed, so please feel free to contact me through one of the e-mails listed above or through ICQ (78467290).