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Posted at Year 3 Day 326
Corbin Esco Black Sun
TITLE : Shockball Week 8 - Win a Trilon Aggressor or a YT-1300!
Your holoprojector sparks to life as the Galactic Shockball League crest appears once again. Electricity arcs across the metallic looking logo as it spins slowly. The scene soon changes to that of Commissioner Corbin Esco slowly pacing across an expansive docking bay. There are shuttles and ships of all types and sizes scattered around him, but he ignores them as he talks directly into the holorecorder while weaving his way through the maze of ships. `Greetings my friends, I come to you once again to bring you the updates from around the league and to display the latest prizes for our Shockball clients.` He pauses as he at last reaches his destination. He smiles towards the record, then gestures with his hand off to the right. The recorder follows the gesture and comes to rest on a massive Trilon Aggressor perched on its landing gear. Techs swarm the ship carrying datapads and handheld scanners as they check and recheck the ship thoroughly. The scene pans back and another Aggressor can be seen just behind this one as well as two pristine YT-1300s, all with swarms of support people around them. `This week we\'re offering up some of the finest ships in the galaxy. The Trilon Aggressor, a sleek and powerful fighter, able to take a terrible pounding and still bring its` pilot home intact. A fine fighter if I ever did see one` Esco adds with admiration. `And the infamous YT-1300. One of the fastest and most nimble of freighters on the market today. I`ve even heard rumors of a heavily modified one that was so fast it could keep up with Imperial TIE Interceptors,` He adds. `These shall be the prizes for this weeks events, I wish you all luck, and hope to hear from you all soon.` The recorder pans across the four ships slowly, then fades to black.

The only game that matters

This week you have a chance to win one of four ships!
We have two combat ready Trilon Aggressors and two sleek YT-1300s up for grabs.

All bets of at least 250,000 credits of any type (single pick, multi-pick, etc)
will be entered into a drawing for the two Trilon Aggressors. All bets over 100,000
credits of any type will be entered into a drawing for the two YT-1300s. Four winners
will be drawn at random, and each person can only win once. There is no limit to
the number of entries one person may have.

This weeks matchups: - Huruk Rah Titans at Jorgensen\'s Bengals - New Order Buccaneers at Outrider Panthers - Darque Lions at New Anzat Bills - Nime`s Steelers at Vel Koon`s Kel Dor Ravens - Balach`s Browns at Juganoth Jets - Tytus Falcons at Black Sun Saints - Prexar`s Bears at Niven`s Vikings - Dark Shoulder\'s Raiders at Illumni Chiefs - Caar`s Selonian Seahawks at Falleen Cowboys - Unnamed Cardinals at Royal Imperial 49ers - Delta Force Broncos at FTI Patriots - Alk Lellish Ewoks at Nisshutsu Jaguars - Nagow Colts at Casino Inifinity`s Mandalorian Redskins - Imperial Navy Giants at Infinite Dark Eagles -

Huruk Rah Titans at Jorgensen`s Bengals
The Titans gear up for their trip to take on the Bengals this week. The Titans are coming off a rest week that they
sorely needed. Their men have had time to recover from their last game and look to wreak havoc on a struggling
Bengal team. More then 400,000 fans are reported to be on hand for this classic match up.
Line: Bengals plus 6 points

New Order Buccaneers at Outrider Panthers
The Panthers make ready to host the New Order Buccaneers, a team who lost a hard one last week the to Infinite
Dark Eagles. The Panthers themselves are coming off their worst loss in Shockball history when they fell to the
highly impressive Tytus Falcons. The Panthers have spent the week working on several problem areas they had
during the Falcon game and are confident they can more the handle the Buccaneers.
Line: Panthers plus 7 points

Darque Lions at New Anzat Bills
The New Anzat Bills are quietly becoming one of the best teams in the league. They have reached a 4-3 record
and continue to lay waste to their opponents. When asked to comment about their success, the head coach
simply said that his men knew when the game was on the line, and knew how to win. This week they\'ll put that
to the test as they host the improving Darque Lions.
Line: Lions plus 7 points

Nime`s Steelers at Vel Koon`s Kel Dor Ravens
The battered Steelers load up on their transports as they make ready for the trip to Raven territory. The Steelers
team has been plagued by a wave of injuries ranging from several fractions and dislocations to a violent reaction
to a bacta compound that landed one man in an emergency medical facility earlier this week. The Steelers will
have to toughen up and pull it all together for this week`s battle against one of the most feared defenses in the
Line: Ravens plus 2 points

Balach`s Browns at Juganoth Jets
The Browns ready their defense and prepare for four quarters of war as they set their sights on the Jets. The
Jets had some off the field problems this week as one of their star players was detained by planetary defense
forces on charges of aiding in the distribution of smuggled goods. The player, who remains unnamed by the team,
was held for a few hours in a minimum-security detention facility. He was questioned by authorities and released
shortly after. A spokesman for the planetary defense force stated that it was a case of mistaken identity and no
charges have been filed.
Line: Browns plus 3 points

Tytus Falcons at Black Sun Saints
The Kiffex system opens its borders once again to host the Tytus Falcons this week. Rumors of a terrorist strike
against the Black Sun organization this week has prompted heightened security this week. The Black Sun`s
military division, BlackSec, has provided several large warships and some smaller assault craft to ensure the safety
of both teams and their fans. Ground forces will also be increased as well as security within the stadium. When asked
to comment on the current situation, Vigo Corbin Esco stated `We have received a handful of empty threats from
a smaller pirate group that we do not believe is capable of causing any major harm However despite that we wish to
make sure that our team, the Tytus Falcon team, and all the fans that flock to our system during Saint home games
have nothing to fear, that is why we have the heightened security. It`s merely a precaution.`
Line: Falcons plus 5 points

Prexar`s Bears at Niven`s Vikings
The struggling Vikings travel home after another disappointing loss. Everything that could have went wrong last
week did, and they spent much time during the week patching the holes in their gamelan. The Bears come off
a tough sudden death loss when they played the Darque Lions. The team is fired up and eager to get the win they
feel they earned last week. Both teams are ready and the scene is set for this explosive event.
Line: Bears plus 2 points

Dark Shoulder`s Raiders at Illumni Chiefs
After winning their first four straight the Raiders have now dropped to 4-2 after two disheartening losses.
The Chiefs dropped a heartbreaker last week as the lost in sudden death to the Delta Force Broncos. Both
teams are looking to get back on track this week, and to do it they have to go through each other.
Line: Chiefs plus 3 points

Caar`s Selonian Seahawks at Falleen Cowboys
The Falleen Cowboys ready themselves for the underrated Seahawks. When asked to comment about their
lack of respect in the league the Seahawks official spokesman said that they would prove themselves fiercely.
They get their chance as the take on a team that has been hot as of late, the Cowboys.
Line: Seahawks plus 2 points

Unnamed Cardinals at Royal Imperial 49ers
The Royal Imperial 49ers are looking to improve their 4-2 record as they prepare for a visit from the Cardinals.
Over 600,000 Imperial citizens are set to be on hand for this game, with another estimated 2 million watching
the holonet broadcast. The Shockball league seems to be gaining much momentum in Imperial space, and
rightfully so. Look for this to be one of the more explosive games this week as the 49ers look to clip the wings
of the Cardinals.
Line: Cardinals plus 8 points

Delta Force Broncos at FTI Patriots
The Patriots are the first Shockball team in the league to switch owners this year as Intellifish turns them over to
Fellowship Trading Inc. The sale comes after many rumors and speculations that Intellifish was indeed looking to
move its` team. The FTI Patriots will use Intellifish`s stadium for the next few weeks while they await the completion
of their own which has been under construction for nearly two months now.
Line: Broncos plus 3 points

Alk Lellish Ewoks at Nisshutsu Jaguars
The Nisshutsu Jaguars prepare to take on the Ewoks this week, but that`s not the only excitement to be found
in this game. Nisshutsu is offering on of their prized R-41 Starchasers to one lucky fan who attends their game
this week. Over 350,000 tickets have been sold already making this one of the fastest ticket selling weeks in
Jaguar history. Owner Micheal Harris is always looking to give back to his fans, and this is one of the most
generous acts we have seen in the league thus far.
Line: Ewoks plus 10 points

Nagow Colts at Casino Infinity\'s Mandolorian Redskins
The Nagow Colts have sat back and watched themselves lose game after game as they continue to struggle
to get back to their winning ways. The Redskins are struggling as well this year, after being favored to make
if to the playoffs during the preseason they have seemingly fallen apart as team members continue to change
as regularly as the hue of a Morgowin Blood Rose.
Line: Colts plus 1 point

Imperial Navy Giants at Infinite Dark Eagles

We caught up with the head coach of the Imperial Navy Giants this week, Coach Meridus, and asked him
about this weeks game. He stated `We are confident in our victory, we have trained very hard. We have seen
them, we have measured them and we have found them vincible.` These were strong words from the Coach, but
he appears to have nothing but confidence in his team. This will surely be one of the best games to watch this
week. Hard-hitting and explosive, just like a Shockball game should be.
Line: Giants plus 6 points

Betting Options
In addition to single pick bets we also offer multiple pick bets which have a much higher pay out. Example of a 3-pick bet: If you chose the Royal Imperial 49ers, the Black Sun Saints, and the Tytus Falcons and all those teams won (according to the Lines mentioned under each game) you would win 5 for 1. IE if you bet 20,000 credits you now have 100,000.
All Teams Must Win - Ties Lose!

3 out of 3________________5 for 1
4 out of 4_______________10 for 1
5 out of 5_______________15 for 1
6 out of 6_______________30 for 1
7 out of 7_______________40 for 1
8 out of 8_______________50 for 1
9 out of 9_______________75 for 1
10 out of 10____________100 for 1
11 out of 11____________150 for 1
12 out of 12____________200 for 1
13 out of 13____________350 for 1

Consolation Prizes
9 out of 10______________5 for 1
11 out of 12____________10 for 1
12 out of 13____________20 for 1

All bets are due in by 12:00pm EST to corbinesco@financier.com, if that account gets full please use sabretooth056@yahoo.com. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to speak with you all soon.