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Posted at Year 3 Day 233
Yarbles New Anzat Order
TITLE : Citizens of the Galaxy
Anzat- Today reports of the Alien Soap Factories were met with a report directly from Prime Minister Yarbles:

“The use of the factories on criminals who are going to be put to death is a brilliant yes disgusting idea. These violent offenders who only burden society are now people put back into use. Alas, it is a bold idea and one that makes the stomach wrench; it does however serve a certain purpose.

As one mercenary recently said “…I have done, and will do some very horrible things” and further went on to say that “I may be prepared to take away all of your lives for the right price, or to drop a bomb in a military or political target for you. But I do have morals.”

These are funny morals indeed. This being is able to take the lives of innocent people in the name of making a credit, but suddenly feels a sense of morality when it comes to the processing and killing of violent offenders. Perhaps it is just one criminal lamenting over his future and weeping over his lost brethren. Only this unbalanced person knows for sure.

We do not know his organization to well, but judging from the words coming from the Horse’s mouth, if his colleagues are anything like him, well, that is a shame – the reputation of the Wraiths has thus been tarnished. Nonetheless, we are not here to slander this organization., merely point out the fallacy of a certain member and those whom agree with his daft views. The New Anzat Order does not bide its time worrying about Galactic squabbles. We are peaceful and neutral. The Rebel Alliance is fuming over the ASF’s and many galactic citizens do not agree with the Empires practices. Its efficiency may be appalling and its ruthlessness is onerous, but I do not see any new ideas that are cost effective for housing prisoners and criminals who are currently an overwhelming burden on society.

Will the New Anzat Order be setting up Alien Soap Factories. No, we will not. Will NAO citizens be able to buy this product from stores? If the economy dictates so, we will consult trading partners and conclude our views at that point. Will the NAO support the Empires practice? No, it is not our place to interfere in other states customs. We do not interfere with others and they do not interfere with us. This is a symbiotic relationship at its best as well as the type of relationship the NAO strives for having with all sovereign governments.

In conclusion, the main purpose of this statement is to reveal the ironic nature of the posts of those who oppose the ASF’s. They are willing to kill innocent beings, but when it comes to criminals. They suddenly feel a sense of morality. Their ideals are quite enigmatic – kill innocents, yet protect criminals. Of course, the practice may seem cruel, but the rapist, murderer, and other unsavory outlaws did not think about the rights of society. They broke the laws, punished the innocent and now according to the Empires’ will, these evildoers are now repaying a debt to society.

We also respect how the other governments may not like this practise of the Empires, as previously stated, we do not participate in this act either.

The Empires’ way is not the way of the NAO; our law system is not as forgiving as the Empires’. We feel all criminals are the bane of society and this bane must be purged. All species are dealt with equally and justly according to the New Anzat Order Magna Charta. However, it is currently not our place to judge another sovereign state and their internal affairs.


Prime Minister Yarbles