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Posted at Year 3 Day 234
Venom Kazvar Horizon Mining Corporation
TITLE : Arrogant Engineering needs you!

A GNS post from Morriane Sedrick posted by me at her request.

**Your holo programs are suddenly interrupted by an incoming signal, broadcast from an unknown location. The Arrogant Engineering logo flashes up briefly on the screen, before it fades away, only to be replaced by a tall, clumsy looking Falleen, leaning back in a chair with his fingers pressed to his crotch**

Greetings, beings of the galaxy! I come before you today to discuss some very interesting mathers, regarding my group Arrogant Engineering. Information has reached me that they intend to stop my company becoming a paramilitary group. They do this because of their ill founded jealousy and yearning for that which I have gambled for minutes for at the casino. These groups seem to believe that they deserve what I have more than I do, despite the fact I have gambled very hard to achieve my goals.
Naturally I am not saying that these groups do not work hard, as im sure they do *Snigger*. But when it comes to trying to secretly plot and scheme to destroy me then I become most concerned. Fortunately, I was forewarned by friends, the mighty mercenaries in my items manufacturer but alas I am not here to discuss this I am here to tell you why to join the most egostistical *company* going.

I have just bought an items manufacturer, it will soon be a goverment I hope...

Why join us?

We pay you to! We dont pretend to offer lots because we dont! We keep it real! Casino Tuition, if one egostistical fool can win it big so can you!
A CMG proud of its history,
We at Arrogant Enginering are proud to make belts and and backpacks and all those other items nobody really cares about! We love our history so much we aim to be a military group too!

**He reaches a hand out of the cameras field of view, before returning with a glass of sugar free non alcoholic correlian ale in one hand. Taking a sip, he places it down to one side and pauses for a moment as if taken aback by its potency, before speaking again.**


If you put up with my prancing about, stating how everyone misuderstands me for one month you get 50k!
Also you get an appropriate ship to fly! Jm5000 and YT1300 are for production groups *yuck* so all our members get Dreadnaughts and Carracks to ponce about in to create a false sense of security. Just think produce belts and combs in a warship!

We are looking for new members who want to be..

The Savior of Mankind,
Kings and Queens (Tranvestites optional)
Minister of Betting
Minister of Pointlessness
Minister of False Titles
People expierienced in rims
*Sexual* Aide to the Leader

**The Falleen stands up turns to his left and stumbles on a misplaced pile of credits**

Destroy those please those are soiled now

**A Jawa picks up the credits around 100m in value and burns then**

I am now retiring to my station the Libra to gloat in my own superiority. I bid you, and you, and her good day.

**The Falleen turns to walk away to reveal his jacket tucked into his trousers, obviously his mother did not dress him today**

We at Arrogant Engineering keep it real, we take our role seriously and try to stay within the expected limits of our group. If you think otherwise my RD scientists, governors, ministers and mercenaries will kill you using our battle fleet.

*Terms and Conditions may apply
*We are in no way affiliated or connected with the holy empire or Astralwerks as it used to be called

*No comments in this post reflect the feelings of Venom of of Horizon Mining