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Posted at Year 3 Day 236
Yarbles New Anzat Order
TITLE : Press Release
Anzat- The following is a press release from the Prime Ministers office:

Citizens of the galaxy, a grave error has been made and as a sovereign state leader, it is the duty to correct this mistake. It seems that members of the mercenary group called “the Wraiths” seem to think because someone is hired them to bomb a political or military target, that in some fashion, it clears them of wrong doing and actually excuses their actions. Hiding behind the plea: “he told me to do it or he paid me to do it” simply is juvenile wont cut it in the real world. Stand up for your actions, if your going to do something wrong, might as well confess to your crimes and accept that you might be cleaning the underside of a Wookie, if wookies clean that is.

Another major fallacy in the argument is the connotation drawn between the armed forces of governments and mercenaries. In this era of chaos, people need laws; sentient beings cannot exist without them. Government forces are aimed at protecting the state and its laws. Mercenaries are aimed at breaking laws and killing people for a credit, thus disregarding state sovereignty for money. Being hired by those who wish to harm others or to take the life of another away is not the same as upholding laws and protecting citizens, in fact, they are completely the opposite. The difference between security forces and the attackers is so obvious, anything else to say on this matter is redundant. To claim that there is a connection between mercenaries and governments is absurd.

Furthermore, the execution of state criminals is not a crime, but a preventative method of controlling crime. Whether you put to death criminals one at a time or two or three and so forth, you’re still solving a galactic problem. With crime on the rise, there needs to be a way to ease the economic burden these wastes of life are imposing upon lawful citizens.

The Dark Empire is not breaking any laws, nor are they committing genocide. They have determined an efficient way of dealing with a criminal system. Notwithstanding, it is illegal for those who are not governments to engage in such practices and it is highly hypocritical to claim that ASF’s unjust, then roll over and commit the same action that you maligned. It only weakens the already diluted and misinformed points.

I personally do not see using methods of mass executions as being wrong to solve the criminal threat. However, I personally do not wish to use criminals to clean my family or myself. Yet, the choice remains to the law-abiding citizen and it is up to their morals to decide whether to use this product. I will reiterate my previous statement that currently NAO is not currently using the soap. We will consult trading partners and our citizens before coming to a conclusion.

As for Mr. Skid, well, frankly put, you are simply not worth my time and effort - that is the only thing you have said of any resemblance of intelligence. I was not trying to attack you, nor your CMG; I was trying to make sure the masses did not think your point of view was relevant or slightly educated.

It is obvious my last press release did little to help you see your delusions and may providence forgive you. Your recent blithering is again filled with hypocrisy as well as misinformation. I will not waste more time endeavoring to point this out.

Faithfully yours,

Prime Minister Yarbles