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Posted at Year 3 Day 237
Nugehan Onijaya Dark Empire
TITLE : The House Of Fashion is now open!
Greetings to all superior beings in the Galaxy! Im Nugehan Onijaya, known to most as Onijaya, and today I will be presenting the official opening of the House of Fashion, the new fashion movement that will revolutionize the current wear, adding a new sense of style!

With the opening of the ASF (known to most as the Alien Soap Factory), a new shop on Bastion has now opened... using the fur of several aliens, that are sheared before they are sent down to the furnaces of ASF, like Bothan, Defel, and of course our most favourite, Wookie, and several other races parts, creating attractive patterns and offering a truly new style!

The House Of Fashion, located at Bastion, is open to all members of the Dark Empire... Humans from other CMGs may also visit our House Of Fashion, with the proper permission of the Dark Empire.

And now, presenting to you, the best from our designers, led by chief designer Incubus Kaine, these are our current offers to all of you!

-The Bikini!

And now our latest acquisition for all the ladies out there...a spectacular bikini made of Wookie furr and Devaronian horns. You will be the summer sensation! Plus you can also use it as lingerie! Men will go crazy all around you... Take a look at it in here: The Bikini

- The full length brown Wookie fur coat!

It has two front pockets lined with Ithorian hide. The buttons on the coat are from real Devaronian horns. The middle of the coat also sports a black Yamri leather belt with a large gold buckle around it. This is sure to keep even rebel scum in Hoth warm all night long!

- Bothan ear muffs!

Ever have your ears completely cold? Need something to keep them warm? Try a pair of our Bothan ear muffs! These muffs are fashioned out of the hide and hair of a real Bothan! If you order now you can get a matching pair of Bothan gloves to keep the fingers warm!

- Shadow Suit!

Are you under cover? Trying to stay hidden during the day time, but that suit you are were wearing is just to bright? Try on our suit made out of Defel hide! Its guaranteed! It will help take in those nasty UV rays and turn you into a walking shadow! Great for pranks or even for those who find they want to prevent the pigments in their skin from getting zapped with the cancer of UV light! Try on a Defel skinned suit! Your skin will thank you!!!

- And now, the jewel of our crown... The Gala Dress!

Need to go to the ball? Nothing to wear? Need something that will knock that Corellian head off? How about one of our tight fitting red Twilek leather dress. Made custom to fit your body, you would swear that it was your own skin! «What is that?» you ask... yes this dress does come with an additional bit of flavour....yes that is right! A real necklace made of polished Noghri teeth!!! Aggressive style!!

Notice: Orders are accepted, and will include delivery costs.

None of our material is fake or imitation.

We also would like to refer that we do not wish to insult the Sith that are non-human, since our master regards them as superior to the non-force sensitive human, as also does all our loyal Dark Empire members!