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Posted at Year 3 Day 238
Felix Intellifish
TITLE : Loans and Investment Opportunities Open to All

The following accounts and contracts are now available through the Mercy Investment Company.

All inquiries should be made to Felix at:

icq: 50421343


We will loan money to individuals/groups (the client) to buy ships (for no other purpose as this time). During the course of the loan, the bank will be the ICIS owner of the ship and will assign it to the client taking the loan. This is simply a way to ensure the repayment of the loan, and the bank will never reassign or use the ship for its own purposes. If the client needs the ship assigned to another, the bank will happily do so at the request of the client. When the loan is repayed in full, the ship will be made over to the client.

All payments will be due on the 1st day of each month. Payments not received will place the loan in default. A penalty of 5% of the current payment will be assessed on the loan. If the payment and 5% penalty are not received by the 5th of the month, the bank may repossess the ship in question. The bank may also choose to offer repayment options as an alternative to repossession.

Payments and interest rates will be calculated based upon the size of the loan, and the length of the loan. These rates are as follows:

3 year loan 20% annual interest
1 year loan 10% annual interest

All clients will be required to have a down payment (based upon the actual purchase price) for the ship they wish to borrow against. The percents based upon ship type are as follows:

Capital Ship: 20% of purchase price
Fighter or Freighter: 30% of purchase price


A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a fixed interest account. This means that you put money into a CD for a certain amount of time, and at the end of that period of time, you receive your money back, and an agreed upon percent of interest. These accounts are GUARANTEED. There is no investment risk, but no opportunity to make more than the agreed upon amount.

12 month CD - Annual Rate of Return: 5%
Minimum investment: 1,000,000 cr

6 month CD - 6 month Rate of Return: 2%
Minimum investment: 3,000,000 cr

Once set, the Rate of Return is fixed for that CD, and shall not change. It is possible that the interest rate on new CDs could change based upon experience, but the rate will never fluctuate for a particular contract once initiated.


Production Limited Partnerships (PLP) shall offer an investment opportunity to members of the galaxy. This is a high-risk opportunity and should not be entered into lightly. PLPs will be tied to YV-666 production and sales.

We make ships. We sell them and make a tidy profit. We are willing to share that profit potential with others who are willing to share the risks involved.

A PLP contract shall consist of an investor, or group of investors who invest 20 million credits to produce a shipyard and fund the building of ships there. This shipyard shall be devoted to YV-666 production, and all ships created from the shipyard for a 7 month period (5 ships) shall be sold as rapidly as possible to produce a PLP Fund of credits that shall be divided between Intellifish and the investors in the PLP. Intellifish shall keep 50% of the fund, and the PLP shall keep 50% of the fund. The PLP group members shall divide their credits based upon the % of their original investment in the a citizen invested 10 million credits into a 20 million credit PLP, he would receive 50% of the PLP fund proceeds. Upon division of the fund, the PLP contract is ended.

To give you an example: As I write this, the last 5 YVs I sold went for 21 million cr each. If the market continues to bear that price, which I believe it will, the PLP Fund after those ships had sold could be 105 million credits, minus production costs of ~25 million a PLP Fund in excess of 80 million credits. Intellifish would keep half of the PLP Fund, or 40 million credits. In this scenario, The PLP investors, who originally combined to put forward 20 million credits to begin the venture, would now split 40 million credits between themselves - a 100% Rate of Return.

Any single person or group may invest in as many PLP contracts at whatever level they desire in each. If you have limited funds, Mercy Investment Company will find other investors to help you achieve the necessary 20 million cr to initiate a PLP.

Minimum Investment per PLP contract per investor: 2,000,000 cr

As mentioned before, all inquiries should be made to Felix at:

icq: 50421343

Best regards,