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Posted at Year 3 Day 239
Qel Dar Black Sun
TITLE : News From Jomark
Prince Qel Dar of Black Sun made a brief appearance today at Jomark. In the midst of his vacation he took time out from his schedule to hold a short press conference. The following are parts of the days events...

Thank-you everyone for attending this morning. The Princess and I have been enjoying your local hospitality and have come to regard Jomark as a home away from home. Your history, culture and tourism is most welcoming and the locals have made us feel very comfortable. Although I am not only holding this short conference today to discuss Jomarks tourism.
Yesterday Black Sun Trading appointed a new Diplomat and Senior Executive of Marketing to join our already seasoned team of veteran leaders. Acria Larkin has earned the title Vigo of Marketing and has already begun to shine in her new position. Most of you will have at least heard her name before from days spent in the diplomatic ranks of the Rebel Alliance. We are very pleased about obtaining her services and hold a high level of confidence in her abilities. As the days and weeks go by Acria will be contacting many of you to reopen or clarify our current diplomatic agreements, I would like the galaxy to know that she has my full confidence in holding these meetings. Black Sun Trading has also always been in the forefront of proactive recruiting, we offer an excellent benefit and signup package for new members when they are needed. Not everyone is right for Black Sun but those of you who believe you are can apply through our Public Holonet, only those with the correct skills will be contacted.
As part of the first mission in her new position Vigo Larkin will be organizing a trade summit with the leaders of all the Trading CMG\'s. I will host this summit myself on one of our private space stations, we hope to be able to set the galaxies economy back on track. With the recent slump in the markets, only the leaders of commerce can hope to jump start our galaxies economic growth, declining futures and investment options.
The first leg of her journey will take her to Nal Hutta to personally invite the Hutt Council to the Trade Summit. The Hutts have long been traders in both everyday items as well as some not so easy to come by items. While we are most interested in the growth of upstanding and legal trading practices the issue of contra band and smuggling are matters that need to be dealt with. From Nal Hutta Mrs. Larkin will continue on to the head quarters of all the Trading CMG\'s one by one.

The Prince then took questions from the group of reporters broadcasting the conference around the galaxy.

Your highness, as rumours and controversy circulate around the whereabouts and status of Gabriella Storm what are your thoughts?

Well, as some people know Gabriella\'s history has been intertwined with that of Black Sun in the past. Currently we have no news of her whereabouts or status but we are thinking about her in these trying times and we hope everything works out for her in the end the way we hope it will.

Rumours have circulated that Black Sun has been stock piling ships and ammunitions throughout the galaxy at various strategic military bases waiting to strike out. Is there any truth to this?

I am glad you asked this because there seems to be some confusion around what Black Sun Trading actually does, I have even heard some people use the term \'mafia\' or \'crime family\' when referring to Black Sun Trading. We are a mid sized Trading company specializing in middle-man trades and acquisitions. We invest a lot in small companies and in return we receive a small percent of that said companies profits. More than anything we are a holding company for smaller divisions that span the wide scope of Galactic industries. We are not murders, thieves or kidnappers. Although this morning I did cross the street against the light when going for my morning Café. The truth is that Black Sun is like many other CMG\'s trying to make it in a galaxy of large overhead costs small incomes and high taxes. As an industry leader in the area of galactic commerce we are looking to help change that. Which brings me back to the Trade Summit and why I came here today.

Prince Qel Dar and his recent new bride Princess Krystal graciously continued answering questions regarding there recent wedding, plans for a family and state of the galaxies family values such as they are. Following the press conference a large outdoor picnic was held were locals and tourists alike joined in games, food and fun. Music filled the park grounds and a group of local school children held a play that was both written and acted out by the young class and their teacher.

In a brief ceremony preceding the outdoor dinner Prince Qel Dar donated enough credits to build a new school house in the name of his old friend and mentor Keevan Colton.