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Posted at Year 3 Day 244
Gorn Veynom None
TITLE : Merge, Empire, and rumors

Upon learning about some rumors, the Combine Administrators (Veynom, Ranma, Disc00rd, JodoKast, Niko) and their Assistants have finally decided to make a public announcement in order to provide the players with complete information about some recent events.

1/ During June, the admins and assistants had a lot of talks with many people concerning the game and the situation created by the existence of 2 Imperial CMGs, and more particularly its consequences. At the end of June, it was apparent that a merge of these groups was a necessity for the Combine; an OOC necessity of course.

2/ On July 3, the Admins selected a group of 6 players from the Galactic Empire High Command and 6 players from the Dark Empire High Command. They were:
- Galactic Empire: Charon, Correll Aintab, Voor, Trey Connel, Black Lodge, Kirov Quel-Droma.
- Dark Empire: Vodo Bonias, Knyte, Jennifer Dreighton, Count Uebles, Quaxo and GEsling.
These people were selected for several reasons:
1/ They are very old players.
2/ They were all Imperials and worked very hard for the Empire.
3/ They are generally considered as clever and mature.
4/ They were part of the High Command of their group.

To these people, the Admins sent a file containing the conclusions of our talks and thinking process. This file may now be downloaded here. Upon reviewing of this document, we asked them to find a solution to the problem and to arrange an IC merge. As written in our conclusions, this was for the good of the game and of the community, and it was a real necessity.

3/ During July, these 12 players and the Admins exchanged around 250 emails. In the end, they all agreed that they first needed to decide on the next Emperor before agreeing on anything else. As there was 4 candidates, an OOC vote was decided. The vote has to happen in 2 turns. The 2nd turn would only gather the 2 first candiates of the first turn, unless one candidate could gather the majority of the votes on the first turn. The first turn did happen just fine. The two qualified candidates for the 2nd turn were Charon and Count Uebles. The 2nd turn is not over yet as GEsling is currently away and could not vote. The current score is of 6 votes for Uebles and 5 votes for Charon. The Admins do not want to close the vote before anyone could vote for evident reason of fairness. Note that as everyone voted, twice, it proves that they all agreed to the system.

4/ Now the problems begin. Upon reception of the partial results, some (I will not write any name but they are evident) started to spread partial information about cheat, biased admins, etc. The rumors even reported that these were about to leave the Combine in order to create their own game. What can we say about that ?
a. If the rumors are true, then these, who claimed repeatedly that they only cared for their own people, will leave their own people alone during the merge process.
b. If the rumors are true, these have wasted everyone\'s time and effort during July.
c. If the rumors are true, it means these people have given partial or falose information to their men.
d. If the rumors are true, believe us, it will take years and luck to create another simulation like the Combine. Ask to those who work in the SWU.

5/ Now, as the affair is public, I have created 2 topics in the Suggestions of the Message Centre. One if for the Imperials (GE and DE) and the other is for the non-Imperials. Please, feel free to post your comments, question or suggestions to solve this problem.

In conclusion, remember that the Admins are doing this for the good of the game and of all players. We have spend years in this game and want to see it succeeding. We are doing our best for this to happen as good as possible. Any help is of course welcome. Thank you.

The Star Wars Combine Admin Team