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Posted at Year 3 Day 246
Sicyon - Sá - Vinittà None
TITLE : HVN, Cultural News: A Tribute
Anzat – After long years of disrespect, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs officially renamed this day Geist Clerus Memorial Day. Beginning with a small parade through the streets, the crowd was invited to unite in the grand hall of the Klerus Memorial Building. After all these years of oblivion and decay, the new Minister of Cultural Affairs has taken up the task of restoring ancient traditions. Minister Sicyon himself had witnessed the last Memorial Day personally and was very troubled with the lack of respect the former ministers of cultural affairs had shown towards such a great man. Not only had the Memorial Day been totally forgotten but the Klerus Memorial Building had been ignored. Minister Sicyon had started restorations freshly after his appointment to the ministry of cultural affairs and on this Memorial Day they are finished. The Building is once again worth visiting, containing the portrait that was painted 100 years ago by the great Ithorian artist, Fonte Tryon. When everyone had entered the building and taken a seat, the Minister of Cultural Affairs has addressed the crowd. The HVN was there. Prime Minister, members of the Government, elder members of the Anzati Society, We’re gathered here today to honor a very special man and to reconnect with our roots and traditions. It’s a shame that these traditions have been broken but the wise man learns from history and prevents to make the same mistake. The time to come is known from the time past. Many old anzati may remember Geist Klerus, I for one only remember the Memorial Days for him. Who was this man? In a time before the creation of the New Anzat Order, many of the high priests of the world discovered that the Anzati knowledge of life was a great asset towards the goal of becoming a Jedi Knight. Geist Klerus, a member of one of the highest families discovered such a talent in manipulating the Force, but was turned down by the Council due to his age (some 200 years old at the time). Geist became a strong Force warrior and teacher in his own right, but was struck down early in his life during the great Purge. This man was the brother of the great Dunkler Klerus, the Creator of the New Anzat Order. They were very close and hence Dunkler announced the Geist Klerus Memorial Day and constructed this Memorial Building we are in right now. The minister stopped for a second and walked over to a statue with a cloth over it, signaling a few men to prepare the final act of the speech. Today we add to this wonderful museum an extra piece of art, sculpted by our own artists, to show our determination to honor the great history of the New Anzat Order and the Anzat planet as a whole! Sicyon nodded and the men pulled of the cloth, uncovering the magnificent sculpture. It was sculpted in a luminescent marble and was incredibly realistic. The crowd gasped as it first laid eyes on it. I invite you all to go out and rediscover the Anzati Culture! The Exposition in the Memorial Building is not only about the Klerus family but goes own to show the entire history of the Anzat planet and its inhabitants. Long forgotten things have been added and you will find it all very educating. The Minister said in an exclusive interview with HVN that this is merely the beginning of a long line of cultural events on Anzat. It is long clear that with Minister Sicyon in charge of Cultural Affairs a new wind has gone through this ministry on Anzat. The Holy Voice News will be there on every occasion! The Geist Klerus Exposition is open to the public for 4 months, starting today. To book tickets contact the Holy Voice News ticket service (500 crd/ticket, transport not included).