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Posted at Year 3 Day 246
Tigris Ninx None
TITLE : Unfounded Hatred ... and A Call For Peace
To: Galactic News Service
From: Ministry of External Affairs, NAO
RE: For Immediate Release


Nova Anzatia -
It has come to the attention of the government of the New Anzat Order that the politics and affairs of our sovereign state have come into question in the public eye. Questions, good and sound questions, have been raised by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. We wish no more than to clarify our position, not because the Alliance threatens, but rather because their threats provide a unique opportunity for the galaxy to glimpse in on the strong roots of the New Anzat Order. A glimpse that we believe the regular galactic citizen may never have had before.

The New Anzat Order finds it disturbing that people who seem to have little or no accurate information go forth and publish foolish accusations. Although they were vague and subtly expressed, the accusations created a very wrong image of reality to the outside world. We were shocked by the way the universe was misinformed and the Ministry urges those who wish to publish obtain accurate and precise information. The way our government and Chief of State were broken down, humiliated and blackened is quite sad and unexpected.

Firstly, we wish to clarify that the proper name of the New Anzat Order is New Anzat Order, not New Anzati Order. This is not a major fault on the part of the Alliance, but is rather a mistake most persons regrettably make. You see, the Anzati are a race and are not necessarily citizens or members of the New Anzat Order. However, citizens and members of the New Anzat Order are called Anzats, which simply derives from our name; which itself is derived from the region of space we govern over.

Secondly, we wish to clarify our system of governance, specifically when it comes to the topic of justice and the citizenry. The New Anzat Order (NAO) is a theocratic state. The NAO demands obedience and loyalty just as a god demands it. Should a citizen or member decide to leave the State, that person is thus denying the truth of the religious belief. We see that as the equivalent of blasphemy or heresy; on the level of treason for other governments. For a theocratic state, this crime stands atop all others and demands that the heretic or blasphemer is purged.

The New Order does not turn against its members, but it demands their absolute obedience for accepting to become a part of the Order. This means embracing the religious doctrines that the Order stands for. When one reneges on this duty as a bono fide member, they must be punished. Punishment is decided through a public or private trial before the High Council of the NAO. It is the privilege of the Council to determine the bidding of Jerriko and thus decide a suitable punishment. Indeed, some may be ordered put to death, some must serve time in a prison, some are banished, or some even wished the best of luck. The High Council as a whole, and not a single member, decide punishment for this type of high crime. Of course, the degree varies from case to case, as it does in similar trials performed by every other government.

Before fully embracing the Panacea and the NAO, this explanation of commitment outright, and possible consequences after, is made known to every single applicant. Some in the secular world see this slavery, yet this is a misinterpretation of what the NAO is. Slavery is unwanted bondage. Anzats know the law before they embrace the faith. If anything, the choice to join or not to join is the truest sign of personal freedom. The ability to make that choice, while knowing both the advantages and disadvantages beforehand, thus making an informed decision, is what makes the NAO unique in its own right.

We feel that this is where the communication error between the NAO and the Alliance occurred. Our people are not slaves; there is no involuntary bondage.

Moreover, we are not a military oriented government. We are not bent on galactic domination. Our path is different than many. The Alliance is correct in presuming we do not pose a threat. We are humble servants of our gods and Lord Jerriko, not the minions of the Empire. We mean no ill will to any of our neighbors who do not wish to harm us. The NAO is peaceful and we would like to remain mere spectators to the galactic war. The recent statements by the Alliance we see as a goal we need to overcome. Only through negotiations and diplomatic efforts may this situation be remedied. We do not want enemies, but friends.

Thirdly, the Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order, Yarbles, has had a hard couple of months and has spared no efforts to achieve our goals. He endured and led the Anzats though a civil war, negotiated through two possible invasions and now is dealing with this current crisis. It is through his dedication and team spirit that the government has improved and grown into what it is today. The growth is meticulous and planned. Although, we have a long road ahead and many obstacles to overcome, our team remains confident that we can get there. Part of this belief and courage we take from his example and leadership. Indeed, the Prime Minister is a hothead, stubborn and impulsive. Indeed, he will be the first to point out his weakness. It may be, for he is often blinded by his desire to serve the gods, but perhaps it is because he has dedicated his life to the New Anzat Order. Minister Yarbles is the true leader of the NAO and is willing to make the sacrifices needed for the success of the group

Finally, alas, the NAO does not have the credits nor the space vessels the Alliance demands. If we had, then this situation would not have arisen. Furthermore, the New Anzat Order never intended to join the Republic outright. The NAO is neither the Republic nor the Empire. We are the Order. We are not subject to outside law. Our Law and the Panacea are our guides. Furthermore, even if the NAO chose to become part of the Empire or Republic, that would be an issue for the High Council and the citizens to make and report; neither of which has happened.

Regardless, the NAO feels that perhaps there is still an opportunity for both of these groups to come to a reciprocal treaty. One to mutually benefit both groups. We invite the Alliance to sit with us in the near future for friendly, non-binding talks, so that we may lay aside at least some of the misinterpreted, and thus unfounded hatred, present in this galaxy.

Yours in Order and Service,
Minister Tigris Ninx
Ministry of External Affairs

Cc: Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance