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Posted at Year 3 Day 252
Matrel Byden Galactic Empire
TITLE : A Terrorist Sentenced
The Holocom flashes the Imperial insignia and fades to a brown-haired man seated at a desk reviewing the datapads spread out before him. Not realizing he`s being watched by billions of Imperial Citizens, he jumps a bit in his seat at the revelation. Quickly recovering he begins, "This is Karl Olbaid, reporting for the Imperial News Agency. Earlier this week, the sentencing of the infamous galactic terrorist, Acria Larkin, took place on Coruscant, where no news media personnel were allowed past the courtroom`s doors. However, Director Byden`s Office was gracious enough to allow a copy of the proceedings to make its way to our station in hopes that this example will deter future terrorist activities. Our thanks go out to the good Director for her shining example of Imperial professionalism and spirit of cooperation."

The view smoothly shifts to an Imperial Court Room on Coruscant. ISB Agents stand watchful guard in the back corners of the room ensuring a peaceful session. In the front of the room lies a three-tiered structure that casts an ominous presence to all those who gaze upon it. The first tier contains the military magistrate, Colonel Gillespie, seated behind a large desk overlooking the defendant`s podium. On the second tier, two ISB Agents stand tall with a blank stare across their faces, keeping a constant scan of all activities in the room. Atop this monument to Imperial achievement stands a single empty desk with a chair, an agent standing beside them, and a door bearing the Imperial Security Bureau insignia to the right of the desk.

A smaller side door leading out to the detention block slides open slowly. Being led by Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire through the door is the accused terrorist, Acria Larkin. Bound in stun cuffs, her eyes have the appearance of determination even through her days of sleeplessness and Imperial hospitality. She is unceremoniously forced down the aisle toward her awaiting judgment. The crowd mummers and points as the lawbreaker makes her way to the simple wooden podium. Standing there in Imperial gray prison-issue overalls, she is the picture of all the Empire stands against.

There is an audible pause in the crowd noise and with good reason. The ISB door slides to life, queuing the agents and troopers to come to full attention. ISB Director M. Byden, steps out with a datapad tucked under her left arm. The model of Imperial dignity and loyalty, she will set all things right. The agent beside the desk quickly turns to pull out the chair for her as she takes her place, high above this villain. A stern look comes over her face reviewing the datapad once more in hopes of finding some redeeming qualities. Finding none she begins, "In the case of Empire versus Acria Larkin, the following has been charged to the defendant, multiple cases of: Sedition, Conspiracy, High Treason against the Empire, and attempting to incite uprisings. No evidence has been brought before the court to deny these charges." Byden glances past datapad looking Larkin in the eyes, "How does the defendant plea?"

Without hesitation and without lowering her head or gaze, she answers, "Guilty to all charges."

The crowd noise begins to rise and small sections of the courtroom begin to voice cheers and approval.

"Quiet in the court," interjects the Director. "Although you all may be satisfied at the result of these proceedings, it should sadden you by the very fact we are here. That people like this roam the streets is appalling."

Byden looks back to the datapad; "The Empire sentences you to time in the Ghorman System Penitentiary. This court is now adjourned." The agent again reaches over, pulling the chair out for Director Byden as she stands and exits through the door whence she came.

The now convicted prisoner watches Byden leave and then holds her eyes on the back wall, her head held high, unperturbed by her sentence or the sounds coming from the crowd.

The Holocom then fades to black.