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Posted at Year 3 Day 254
Qel Dar Black Sun
TITLE : Imperial Justice and Slug greed
Earlier today Prince Qel Dar and Princess Krystal returned to Kiffex from their holiday refreshed and ready to once again take on new business at the helm of the galaxies largest and most influential trading companies Black Sun. On the agenda a number of updates, mergers and notes of importance were announced by Prince Qel Dar.

The galaxy now knows the extent of the greed and dishonour possessed by the Hutts. A Black Sun fleet remains in hyper space for now but will arrive shortly at Nal Hutta to reclaim our ship taken illegally into holding by the Hutt Council. Whether this fleet remains over Nal Hutt for the time being has not been decided. We will however be keeping track of the Hutts actions and assets over the next few weeks to determine their ability to cause harm to other diplomats and citizens.

Black Sun also has a fleet enroute to maintain a vigil for Vigo Acria, this fleet has been sent to maintain her health and welfare aswell as to collect her when her time is served and she is once again free from Imperial oppression. My thanks go out to the countless offers of support in this conflict but I would like to remind everyone that any forceful actions could result in the harm of Acria and we urge people not to take actions into their own hands at this time....

Black Sun has also began to mobilize two response fleets to help secure Falleen space. A large defence fleet will be sent to Jomark and the strike fleet will be sent to Falleen Prime, united together the Falleen people will maintain freedom at whatever costs. I will myself be contacting the other members of the Royal clan to pledge my support in any military or economical way possible.

I would also like to announce at this time that Black Sun has recently expanded and appointed two more Vigos to our ranks. These members will be introduced to the public once they are all settled into their routines. For now we wish them well in their duties and remind them that having the confidence and loyalty of a family is the greatest treasure of all.

The Prince continued to talk about a couple of rumoured mergers in the galaxy aswell as the current economic stress the dormant market has caused over the past few months. He also renewed his commitment to a summit of the galaxies economical leaders and trading CMG\'s, once Vigo Larkin is once again safe and back home.

In a rumoured related story the body of a Hutt was found at a local Hotel on Tatooine. The Hutt had been registered in the hotel as a guest but when the morning service arrived it\'s body was found in the main room of the suite with two blaster burns in the back of its head. The only clue to the gangland style killing was the lack of eyes in the large creature, an old mafia mark meant to show that greed was the cause of death, even sometimes ones eyes can be larger than their honour. With no witnesses the case remains open at this time.