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Posted at Year 3 Day 290
Warlord Vodo Bonias Dark Empire
TITLE : The Dark Side Has Made You Powerful



*An image of the Master of the Dark Side appears over the holo-screen*



**He is dressed in black.  Only his face is visible.  To his right stands the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Knyte.  He is dressed in black armor.  Darth Knyte wears the black mask made famous by Darth Vader.  To his left stands Darth Sedules.  Darth Sedules is also wearing black armor.  However, he does not cover his face with a mask.  Instead, his face is covered with the tattoo markings of the Order of the Dark Hand**

**Dark Master Vodo steps forward to address the galaxy.  A shadow is cast onto Darth Knyte and Sedules as the lighting shifts to focus on the Venerable Master of the Dark Side.  As the camera pans out, you see that beyond Darth Knyte and Sedules, the Dark Master is flanked by hundreds of Storm Trooper.  They appear to be standing inside the docking back of an Imperial Star Destroyer.**

**The Dark Master begins to speak**

Greetings...  My servants of the Dark Side.  It is with sadistic pleasure that I inform the Galaxy of the most unholy of alliances.

**Vodo\'s eyes are bloodshot.  The dark bags under his eyes cannot hide the demands of the Dark Side on his flesh**

Let me start with a frightening walk down memory lane...  Many years ago, an Emperor of the Galactic Empire stepped down while being bombarded with accusations of sexual impropriety. 

This Emperor was the most evil of all the Emperor\'s before him.  As an Imperial Admiral, he used his then secret powers of the Dark Side to manipulate the galaxy.  He organized the dismissal of two weak and impotent Imperial leaders.  This is how this Emperor gained control of the galaxy.

This Emperor, having stepped down, accepted a position as the leader of Imperial Security and Intelligence.  The mandate was to maintain the security of the Galactic Empire from both foreign and domestic threats.  This mandate made public the existence of a shadow organization known as Majestic 12.  This group operated under the code names Majik12 and MJ-12.  Majestic 12 was given sweeping power over every other Imperial Branch.  Their authority was given to them directly by a former Emperor, using executive order.  This order was not easily overturned.  For Majestic 12 held the secrets of the Empire, the control codes of Star Destroyers, classified documents, etc.

The most evil of the Emperor\'s, now charged with Imperial Security and founder of Majestic 12, was no longer trusted within the inner circle of the Empire.  The Emperor feared that this man had grown far too powerful.  He believed that this former Emperor lied about his understanding of the force.  He believed that this person held far better understanding of the Dark Arts than he let on.  This caused the Emperor to become fearful of this man.  This fear resulted in his being banished from the Empire.

Years passed, and this man was asked to return to the Empire.  His powers were needed, for the Empire had fallen under hard times.  Poor leadership had driven the Empire into the ground.  This former Emperor felt sweeping changes were needed to restore the Empire to its former glory.  The Emperor must be dealt with.  He was no longer fit to serve the desires of the Gods of the Dark Side.  This former Emperor enacted internal security protocols that he had created through Majestic 12.  The current Emperor would not go quietly.  He immediately ordered the arrest, death and execution of this former Emperor.  The same Imperial officers that were asked to participate in the arrest of this man, assisted this man in his escape.

Within months of his escape, those Imperial Officers working within the protective darkness of this Imperial Shadow Organization known as Majestic 12 had organized an exodus of many senior ranking Imperial officers and government officials.  This exodus resulted in the formation of what was then known as the Imperial Core.  The Imperial Core, led by Admiral Simms and Admiral Piett spent many years organizing around the most fundamental of business plans.  Expand power and maintain power.  Soon, Admiral Simm\'s dark side powers were revealed to the members of the Imperial Core.  Within months, a relationship was forged between the Master of the Dark Side of the Force and the men and women of the Imperial Core.  A re-branding then took place.  The Imperial Core, known for their hard line Imperial politics,  officially merged with the power source that would make their politics successful.  This merger resulted in what is currently known as the Dark Empire, under the leadership of that former Emperor.  The Emperor that created Majestic 12, the Emperor that was banished for his teachings of the Dark Side of the Force.

Yes...  That former Emperor, was me...

But... I started this speech by revealing my pleasure with the most unholy of alliances.  The supreme forces of the Inter-Galactic Empire and the Dark Side forces of the Dark Empire have officially merged.  The politics of the Galactic Empire have been calibrated with the fundamental truths of the Dark Side.  Our objectives are the same.  The threat of weakness that existed within the leadership of the Galactic Empire no longer exists.  That threat has been dealt with.  The powers of Darkness have triumphed.  The result will be a mourning of the Jedi. 

While the Dark Side and the military powers of the Empire were at odds with each other, the threat against the Jedi had been stratified.  This allowed the Jedi to maintain their leverage on key systems in the outer rim.  That threat has now been consolidated and our objectives re-calibrated.  Our combined strength will begin to write the final chapter of the existence of the Jedi.  Their legacy will become a distant memory.  Order and Darkness will befall the galaxy.  The power of the Dark Side will NO LONGER be underestimated.  The end is now upon us.

**The camera begins zoom out on Imperial Warlord Vodo and capture wide shots of the Imperial hangar bay.  You see the hundreds of troops turning to march in perfect order through the corridor of the ship.  The picture switches to a camera angle outside the destroyer.  You see dozens of Imperial fighter squadrons, engaged in patrol routes around the destroyer**

*********IMPERIAL NEWS FLASH********

**The Imperial broadcast is immediately followed by an Imperial news anchor woman.  Her hand is holding a mini speaker in her ear as she tries to make sense of the com-link chatter that has followed this most surprising address by Dark Side Master Vodo**

Friends...  We were not prepared for this announcement by the Dark Empire.  We are looking to obtain confirmation to this story from inside Coruscant.


We have just confirmed that a merger between the Dark Empire and the Galactic Empire has indeed took place.  We do not have any information on organizational infrastructure.


We have Imperial Intelligence Director Voor on a com-link transmission.

Director Voor.  This is Jenna Amos with GNS.  Can you please confirm that a merger has indeed took place?

Director Voor:  I can confirm that a merger has taken place.

Director Voor.  Is Master Vodo now the Emperor of the Galactic Empire?

Director Voor:  Charon is still the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.  Master Vodo reports directly to the Emperor.  His title as Warlord has been reconfirmed by our High Courts.  That\'s all I can share at this time.  Trust me.  There will be additional announcements concerning this merger.  All the facts will come out.

Director Voor.  One more question.

**The line is silent.  Voor has already disconnected from the communication**

There you have it Galaxy.  The Dark Empire and the Galactic Empire have merged.  All we know right now is that Charon is still the Galactic Emperor and that Warlord Vodo is a direct report.  We hope to bring you more of this developing story as information becomes available.