Documents from the INPO: Count Uebles

Von: 	J. Dreighton [mail address]
Betreff: I did it again!
Datum: 	26. Februar 1999 22:14:35 MEZ
An: 	Lt Cmd Peich [mail address]
Kopie: 	Cpt GEsling [mail address], Fleet Admiral Veynom [mail address]
Antwort an: 	[mail address]

To: Lt-Cmdr Peich
From: Lt Dreighton


I must confess that I assigned a new recruit to your fleet again. But
the occassion was just to good to let it pass. Crewman TCS Eagle was
just talking him into our fleet when I entered the chatroom and thought
it to be a good idea, to finish the whole business, before he could
reconsider his decission to join our fleet. As he wanted to fly TIEs and
Crewman Eagle wanted him in his company, I assigned him to Apollo
Company. Of course I told him and Crewman Eagle that you will have to
approve my decission.
His name is Count Uebles and his e-mail-address is
If you approve of my decission, please inform Lt Orisson about his new
About the assignemnt officer: 

>You mean that a person will be the
>assignment officer for both sector fleets?


>Ok, i agree, but you must remember that grow is a VERY

That is exactly my point of view. That is why we both took over this
responsibility a few weeks ago. Maybe I should have said. Things that
are more the fleet´s XO´s own business. I will inform 20th Fleet about
the new assignment officer. Will you do so with 21st Fleet? Thank you.

Lt Dreighton
XO 20th Sector Fleet

Von: J. Dreighton [mail address] Betreff: Welcome to 2nd Imperial Fleet Datum: 26. Februar 1999 22:15:05 MEZ An: [mail address] Antwort an: [mail address] To: Crewman Recruit Count Uebles From: Lt Dreighton Crewman, first of all: welcome to our fleet. You are now a member of Apollo Company (Escort). Your CO is Lt Orisson ([mail address]), please report in to him. I will also inform him about his new crewmember. At the moment there is one other member in your company, Crewman TCS Eagle ([mail address]), who is also the company´s XO. If I´m not mistaken, you already know him. To help you settle in, here are a few informations, that might be helpfull to you. First something general. We assume that you are already a member of the Star Wars Combine. If you haven´t registered yet, go to [URL] and do so. Another place of interest to you could be the Imperial Newbie Guide at [URL]. You should also ckeck out the Imperial News Grid (ING) whenever you are online. The URL is [URL]. About our fleet: 2nd Imperial Fleet is stationed in Quadrant 2 and is subdivided into 20th Sector Fleet and 21st Sector Fleet. 2nd Imperial is commanded by Fleet Admiral Veynom [mail address], who also leads the 20th Fleet personally. 21st Sector Fleet is under the command of Captain GEsling ( His CO is Lt Cmdr Peich ( Each Fleet has four companies: Heavy Support, Assault, Transport and Escort. Your duties: As a part of 21st Fleet you will have to send a weekly report to your CO. It helps if you make it a habit to send it each week on the same day (e.g. Thursday). Somtimes there will be nothing to report. Do it anyway. We need to know if you are still active. If you can not be active for some time (e.g. holidays), inform your CO and report in when you are back. When you mail to a member of 2nd Imperial Fleet, start with From: and To: as you can see above. Start with "Sir" if you are addressing a superior. The rank would also do ("Admiral, ..."). Sign with your name and your current position in the fleet. Bonus system and ranks: In 2nd Imperial we have a bonus system to reward service to the Empire and our fleet, that surpasses the normal duty. You can get bonus points for completing extra tasks, such as building a webpage for your unit. Or by showing an exceptional performance in a Kriegsspiel (KS). Also you get a few bonus points for sending in your wekly report on a regular basis. Bonus points are awarded by your CO or the fleet commander. To be promoted you need a specific bonus score for each rank. These are: The first time a newbie gets points, he automatically becomes "Crewman" with a total score of 75 pts, a crewman can be promoted to Flight-Corporal (Fl-Cpl), with a total score of 150 pts, a Fl-Cpl can be promoted to Staff-Sergeant (Sf-Sgt), with a total score of 250 pts, a Sf-Sgt can be promoted to Flight-Sergeant (Fl-Sgt), with a total score of 375 pts, a Fl-Sgt can be promoted to Master-Sergeant (Mr-Sgt), with a total score of 575 pts, a Mr-Sgt can be promoted to Chief Master Sergeant (Chief), with a total score of 800 pts, a Chief can be promoted to Ensign, with a total score of 1100 pts, an Ensign can be promoted to Lt junior, with a total score of 1500 pts, a Lt jg can be promoted to Lt. Ranks higher than Lt are no longer related to the bonus system. Club: As 2nd Imperial Fleet has no webpage at the moment, we ask all fleetmembers to join the 2nd Imperial Fleet club at Yahoo!, at least untill our webpage is up and running. We will send you in invitation to get into the club. Now there are some more information that I need for you personnel files. Do you have a UIN? What is your real age and your character´s age? What is your native language and what other languages (besides English) do you know? I could also use a picture from you (character, not real person). We hope you´ll settle in fast and enjoy your service as a member of 2nd Imperial Fleet. If you have any questions, ask your CO or me. Lt Dreighton XO 20th Sector Fleet [mail address] UIN: [...]
Von: Michael Ortmann [mail address] Betreff: Personnel Files Datum: 26. Februar 1999 00:06:11 MEZ An: J. Dreighton [mail address] 1 Anhang To: Lt Dreighton From: Crewman Recruit Count Uebles Ma'am, As requested I am sending you a character picture. My [...] characters [age is 24]. [...]. If there are more informations you need (e.g. my character's stats) please let me know. Crewman Recruit Count Uebles 214th Apollo Company (Escort)


Character Background - Count Uebles

Count Greyson Uebles was born as the second son to an aristocratic Family on Coruscant. His Father had a seat in the old Republic Senate after retiring from duty in the Fleet. He was disgusted by the corruption that had befallen the Republic and became a loyal follower of the New Order and the Empire.

Both Sons enlisted in the Naval Academy to follow the military tradition of the Family. Count Uebles' older brother Amon graduated with excellence and was eventually assigned to the SSD Executor, where he died in the Battle of Endor. His father never recovered from this loss and died only weeks later.

Count Uebles never forgot who caused the death of his father and his brother. His hatered for the Rebel Alliance became the Focus of his life.

He graduated among the best of his class and when a supply shortage delayed his assignment to the Starfighter Corps, he voluntarily served several months in a infantary unit.

His first fleet assignment was in a reinforcement Task Force in the Outer Rim Territories, that secured vital trade routes during a major rebel offensive. He became infamous for killing a fellow officer in a duel, who had fled a battle, which led to the death of the coward's Wingman.

His Superiors didn't knew if they should promote him or charge him before a court martial, so they decided to give him the chance to ask for another assignment.

Since then Count Uebles serves in the 2nd ISF.

Count Uebles is not a cruel man, neither does he tend to unnescesary violence. But his dedication and discipline making him look cold and hard.

But he cares for his men and camerades and follows a strict Code of Honor.

Von: Veynom [mail address]
Betreff: Fleet CO open position
Datum: 14. Februar 2000 18:51:15 MEZ
An: Lt-Cmdr Count Uebles [mail address], Lt (jg) Savk [mail address], Lt (jg) Machkhit [mail address], [mail address]
Kopie: Fleet Admiral Simms [mail address], Vice-Admiral von Esling [mail address], Captain Dreighton [mail address], Cpt Peich [mail address], Cpt Quaxo [mail address]
Antwort an: Veynom [mail address]

To: Lt-Cmdrs Death Lord & Count Uebles
Cc: NHQ, INA, INPO, Cpts Peich & Quaxo
From: Grand Admiral Veynom


I have an open position as CO of the 12th Fleet. And I think both of you
could handle it.

Open position :
12th Fleet
Angamenien (Bpfassh system) - Kiffex region under control of GM Quel-Droma.

Reply to all of us to tell if you are interested or not and if you think you
can handle this heavy task

Candidates :

Death Lord
[mail address]
XO 7th Fleet

Count Uebles
[mail address]
XO 5th Fleet - NSD Director

To the INA, no need to check further if they are valuable, I know them from
the beginning of their career and assure they are excellent officers. As
soon as both Lt-Cmdrs have mailed their decision, proceed to the test. This
is a hurry. The speed of the test and result is also a good exercise. All
for now.
Grand Admiral G. Veynom
IMS Blitzkrieg

Von: Gonçalo Mouta [mail address]
Betreff: Re: Fleet CO open position
Datum: 15. Februar 2000 00:48:35 MEZ
An: Veynom [mail address], Lt-Cmdr Count Uebles [mail address], Lt (jg) Savk [mail address], Lt (jg) Machkhit [mail address]
Kopie: Fleet Admiral Simms [mail address], Vice-Admiral von Esling [mail address], Captain Dreighton [mail address], Cpt Peich [mail address], Cpt Quaxo [mail address]

	To: All implied People
From: Lt-Cmdr Death Lord


I thank you for the, trust that you have deposited on me, but, I'll not
accept the post, I think that now I'm needed on my Fleet, so I don't feel
ready to leave it, maybe another time.
I hope that my decision doesn't disapointed you, but you have to understand,
by now all my efforts are in order to make the 7th Fleet the most prosperous
fleet on all the Imperial Navy
Congratulations Lt-Cmdr Count Uebles, you deserve it.

Thank you all, again

Lt.-Cmdr Death Lord
XO from the 7th Imperial Fleet
VCSD Shankara

Von: Veynom [mail address]
Betreff: Re: Fleet CO open position
Datum: 15. Februar 2000 10:25:15 MEZ
An: Gonçalo Mouta [mail address], Lt-Cmdr Count Uebles [mail address], Lt (jg) Savk [mail address], Lt (jg) Machkhit [mail address]
Kopie: Fleet Admiral Simms [mail address], Vice-Admiral von Esling [mail address], Captain Dreighton [mail address], Cpt Peich [mail address], Cpt Quaxo [mail address]
Antwort an: Veynom [mail address]

	To: Lt-Cmdr Death Lord
From: Grand Admiral Veynom


Your decision is a very courageous one. Refusing a promotion in order to
make your current job even better is something than only a very few people
dare to do. More, you know that you fit more for your current job than for
the future one. You are not looking for power but for efficiency.

For all this, Lt-Cmdr, you do not disappoint me at all, quite the opposite.
I am very proud of your decision. This shows your deep dedication and
devotion to your Fleet and to your men. This will not be forgotten. Lt-Cmdr
Death Lord, you are a model of Officer for the entire Imperial Navy.

Captain Peich, you may be proud of your XO.

Captain Dreighton, I want to see this decision in his personal file. Settle
this with Lt Karrde, please.

Lt (jg) Savk, you may proceed with the Fleet CO test for Lt-Cmdr Uebles.

All for now.
Grand Admiral G. Veynom
IMS Blitzkrieg

Von: Michael Ortmann [mail address]
Betreff: Re: Fleet CO open position
Datum: 14. Februar 2000 22:59:13 MEZ
An: Veynom [mail address]
Kopie: Lt (jg) Savk [mail address], Lt (jg) Machkhit [mail address], [mail address], Fleet Admiral Simms [mail address], Vice-Admiral von Esling [mail address], Captain Dreighton [mail address], Cpt Peich [mail address], Cpt Quaxo [mail address]

From: Lt.-Cmdr. Count uebles
To:Grand Admiral Veynom
CC: NHQ, INA, INPO, Cpts Peich & Quaxo


After some time of thinking and the assurance that my current position would be
filled with a good officer, able of handling the tasks it brings along, I would
be honoured to be assigned with such a new challenge.

Lieutenant Commander Count Uebles
[LOC] [6 MNT] [ARIT]
XO 5th Imperial Fleet
Member of the Naval HQ
Director NSD
IMS Aggressor
ICQ: 50586418

- Inter arma enim silent legis -

Von: Michael Ortmann [mail address]
Betreff: Taking Command
Datum: 20. Februar 2000 00:28:15 MEZ
An: Lt (jg) Ivy Jade [mail address], Lt.-Cmdr Pocebokli [mail address], Crewman Kain [mail address], Fl.-Cpl. Lightdarker [mail address], Crewman Icthomas [mail address],Crewman Binak Algo [mail address], Crewman Dar Quan [mail address], Crewman Akain [mail address], Fl.-Cpl. Leman Russ [mail address], Crewman Gareth Bryne [mail address], Crewman Thomas Long [mail address], Crewman Aisling [mail address]
Kopie: Grand Moff Kirov Quel-Droma [mail address], Grand Admiral Veynom [mail address], Fleet Admiral Simms [mail address], Cpt.. J. Dreighton [mail address]
*The Sensor operator looks up as the automatic alarm of his console
starts to beep...A ship has left the Hyperspace and approaches
He alerts the Duty Officer who gives alarm for the Fleet. A senior
officer enters the control room and hears the report of the Duty staff.
He opens a channel and hails the approaching ship.
"This is Naval Control on Angamenien...Unknown ship indentify yourself."

"This is the IMS Immolator joining the 12th Fleet. Prepare the fleet for
a transmission of the new Commander. Immolator out."
A few minutes later all screens and holoprojectors on all units and
installations of the 12th Fleet come to life, showing a tall man in
dressed in a blameless fitting uniform with the rank insignia of a
Lieutenant Commander.
His stern face seems to evaluate every member of the fleet...
"In the Name of the Emperor! At 2317 hours Galactic standart in the
second year of his imperial Majestys reign, I Count Greyson Uebles take
command of the 12th Imperial Fleet, currently stationed at the Kiffex
region, as ordered by his excellency Grand Admiral Veynom. My orders
will be added to the Fleets log. You will all prepare your units for an
inspection. You will receive more detailed orders within the hour. We
have much to do...let's start. Dismissed!"
The picture fades...

From: Lt.-Cmdr. Count Uebles
To: 12th ISF

Officers, troops,

I am your new Commander. I will be honest from the start. I was assigned
to this command, because the performance of the 12th Fleet was beyond
average until now. I will not search for accountables for this
with the change in command all of you have a new chance to prove
yourselfes, regardless of your performance in the past.
But this also means that all positions in the Fleet will be re-evaluated
in a given time, as soon as I have a suitable impression of every one of
you. Everyone of you has the chance to keep his position, to lose it, to
be promoted or to be demoted. It's up to you...
I intend to make the 12th Fleet one of the most effective in the Navy. I
set the standarts that you have to reach. As long as you follow those
standarts you will have the chance to be active and to progress in your
career. I will not demand the impossible but I will demand the necessary
and the possible. I am willing to work hard to acheive this goal and I
expect the same from everyone else in the Fleet.
My standarts are:
1) Activity; you all are here because you volunteered to join the Navy.
Therefore I expect everyone of you to be active, to participate in fleet
activities, to develop new projects, to increase the efficiency of
current procedures and to communicate with each other, your superiors
and your subordinates.
2) Reports; Everyone has to report in time and in proper form. This is
the way I can check your status, hear your comments and your questions.
Proper reporting is the Backbone of the Fleet's efficiency. I expect the
reports of all Company CO's on Saturdays, not later. This means the
Company CO's are responsible to get the reports of their subordinates
early enough to report themselfes in time.
3) Communication; Communication is vital. I am accessible for every
Fleet Member. If you have comments or questions don't hesitate to
contact me. There are no dumb questions - if there is something you
don't know, ask. I will not disregard you because there is something you
don't know, but I will not tolerate errors or neglience of duties just
because someone didn't asked in time. I want everyone of you to add me
on ICQ. My UIN is: 50586418. I expect the same from my XO and all
Company CO's and XO's.

I expect reports from all Company CO's within 48 hours, with a copy for
Lt. (jg) Jade. For the Companys that don't have a CO yet, the following
persons will serve as acting CO until I make my final decision :
123th Transport: Fl.-Cpl. Ryan Darklighter
124th Escort: Crewman Dar Quan
126th Recon: Crewman Gareth Bryne
You have the responsibility now Gentlemen, so be sure to get all reports
in time. If you make your job good, you might keep the CO positions
Lieutenant Jade, as acting XO I want you to send me a detailed report
about the Fleet's situation, current projects, the identity of the
Fleet's Assignment and Security officers, and a short evaluation of
every member of the Fleet.
I want everyone who has not yet filled out the form for the personel
files at the Naval HQ ([URL]) to do it asap.
Click at the "Personel Files" Button and fill out the form.
Also I want everyone who commands an yet unnamed ship or squadron to
send me three proposals for a name asap. If you haven't yet selected the
ship you personally pilot in the CCom, do it NOW. If you don't know how,
contact me.

For the time beeing I will start the following activities:

Website: The Fleet's Webpage is nice but outdated and doesn't fit the
requirements the Emperor issued. Volunteers please report to me.

Kriegsspiel: The Kriegsspiel (KS) is a tactical simulation, used to
train you in tactics and cooperation. We will join the System developed
by the 5th ISF as soon as it finished Beta testing. This will also be a
oppurtunity to improve the cooperation on a inter-fleet scale.

Logo: The Emperor wishes that every imperial unit displays a Badge and
Logo, unique to this unit. Hereby I launch a contest to find such Badges
for the 12th Fleet and it's Companys. Every Member can participate. Send
me your entries and I will post them for all to see. As soon as we have
enough contestors we will decide about the Logo we will use in the

Battlenames: I found it very usefull for units to have "Battlenames",
unofficial names given by it's members, that display the virtues of the
Unit and increase the community within that unit. I want to know if any
Company already has choosen such a name. If not I want every Company to
choose one. Also I want a Battlename for the Fleet. In a second contest
I want you to send in suggestions until next week.

Fleet Chat: I want a regular chat for the members to meet, discuss and
getting known to each other. Therefore I would need someone willing to
organize such a regular event. Anyone interested in this task please
report to me.

If anyone of you has ideas for more activities or new projects, please
let me know.

All for now, dismissed.
Lieutenant Commander Count Uebles
[LOC] [6 MNT] [ARIT]
CO 12th Imperial Fleet
Member of the Naval HQ
Director NSD
IMS Immolator
ICQ: 50586418

- Ho polemos pater panton -

Von: 	Martin Haubrich [mail address]
Betreff: INIS Command Change
Datum: 	18. April 2000 23:27:10 MESZ
An: 	IMPERIAL NAVY [mail address]
To: Imperial Navy
From: INIS Command

Officers, troops,

Captain Pangborn has returned. He has had some problems IRL which I will not elaborate on.

However, in the meantime, I assigned Commander Count Uebles to replace him. Now I have three Assistant Directors. That is a bit too much.

Captain Pangborn will return to his old position as Assistant Director and Chief of External Intelligence. He is hereby also awarded the INIS Service Award [INIS].

Commander Uebles is hereby my XO. His title will be Deputy Director. He acts in my name, all the time. In case of me being on leave, the INIS is his to command. He is above both Assistant Directors, in the INIS Chain of Command. I have my reasons to make this decision, and they have nothing to do with incapability, but with availability.

The INIS is watching you...

Admiral Gunther von Esling
Interim XO of the Imperial Navy
Director of the Imperial Naval Intelligence Services
IMS Imperator
Naval Command Fleet

'Know your enemy and know yourself, and victory will always be yours.'