Our History

Last update -- February 3, 2000

AUGUST 1997-

-Simms joins the Empire. He was assigned to Alpha Squaron under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Coblet.



-O'Dwyer joins the Empire, given the rank of Lt. and is assigned to Beta squadron under the command of former Admiral Suntzu. Late in the month, O'Dwyer promoted to LtCmdr.

-Mccarthur joins the sim as an unassigned Ensign.

-CorranBoat joins Sim, given rank of Private in Army Alpha Recon.

-CorranBoat promoted to Sergeant, XO of Recon Alpha. -former Emperor and Grand Admiral Drayson leaves the Empire temporarly due to personal reasons with a vow to return stronger than ever

-Shivan Joins the Empire, given the rank of Lt. in the ISD INVINCIBLE Fleet

-Suntzu becomes Emperor while retaining command of the Navy


-The idea of the " 'round the clock" war is introduced by then Col. Ravhin and then Major Veynom

-O'Dwyer promoted Captain

-The "war" between the Army and the Navy begins between Balseraph and Vodo

-Shivan promoted to Lt. Cmdr. and Squad Leader of the Talon Attack Squad

-Suntzu leaves the Empire in shambles, Vodo becomes Emperor

-Zeke Vasner is given control of an ISD

-O'Dwyer and Ace promoted to Vice Admiral; Dyvel promoted to Admiral

-Admiral Thrawn becomes head of the Navy

-Colonel Erwin Biel becomes head of the Army

-CorranBoat accepted into Army Intelligence, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.


-Drayson returns, and demands that Vodo step down from the throne

-Drayson forms the Order of Darkness

-Sith Lord joins the Empire and enlists in the Army.

-Several traitors, including former Vice Admiral Jaster Mereel, former head of Intel 21, former Vice Admiral Ace, former Vice Admiral Macbeth (now Rear Admiral Macbeth), former Major Tarkin, and former Vice Admiral Ace.

-Balseraph exiled from the Empire

-Jargon the Spy makes an attempt to overthrow Vodo by setting up a fake web page claiming that Vodo was attempting to join Price Xizor of the BS and overthrow the government and replae the Imperial High Command with Rebel Commander. A 75,000 credit bounty is placed on his head.

-former Rear Admiral Blythe joins the Empire

-then Colonel Nyln becomes interim head of the Army

-the order to begin "planet jumping" is issued by then MoD Spytek

-Lt. Smith (head of all TIE fighters in the Empire), DV-01-7, makes his Unity, Freedom, and Liberty speech. (e-mail me if you want a copy)


-Jargon the Spy is banned from the sim

-the OOD officially breaks away from the Empire

-Sith Lord promoted to Lieutenant and place in charge of the Army's elite 'Phoenix Squadron'.

-Drayson is banned from the sim for hacking into the sim

-Firgin D'an offers 50 lbs of chocolate to anyone who votes for him in his attempt to overthrow Emperor Vodo. Commander Michl sends out the longest and funniest message over the mailing list ever regarding the attempt. (mail me for a copy)

-Sith Lord promoted to Captain.

-General Nyln promoted to head of the Army

-Nyln creates the JAG corps and put Colonel Lyre in charge.

-Colonel Triton is placed in charge of the newly created Special Forces.

- CorranBoat promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

-Balseraph joins the OOD

-Grand Admiral Thrawn and Minister Dyvel are awarded the Imperial Black Heart Award, Admiral O'Dwyer the Black Stripe Award, Mod Spytek awarded the Emperor's Award, Captain Mccarthur awarded the Outstanding Officer Award, General Nyln is awarded with the Golden Dagger Award

-Commander Michl creates the original newbie guide

-GA Thrawn reassigned to head R+D, then Vice Admiral Piett is promoted to Admiral and becomes head of the Navy

-Admiral Piett outlines his plans for the Navy, including the creation of the INA and Naval Intel


-INA opens up

-Captain Sith Lord given command of the Army MEF and Promoted to Lt. Colonel.

-Admiral Piett creates the Promotion Review Board

-The European squad is split in two. Colonel Rahvin is given command of the Army half, and Commodore Veynom is given command of the Naval half.

-Archer Gantt joins as 1st Lieutenant. First assignment is Officer-in-Charge of the Imperial Information and Training Detachment.

- Pvt. Cherokee assigned to Viper Squad, Infantry Branch, under the command of Lt. Jake Kiltar

- Pvt. Cherokee promoted to Lt. and given command of Serpent Squad as the Infantry Branch expands to three full squads.

MARCH 1998-

-R&D develops Victory-Class Star Destroyer.

-Simms assigned to the 2nd Fleet to a command position, but leaves a few days later to take command of the newly formed 4th Fleet.

-Shivan promoted to Cmdr.

-Archer Gantt is promoted to Major and assigned as CO of Army Intelligence. Promoted to Lt. Col. later that month.

- Lt. Cherokee promoted to Captain, and to the position of Infantry XO as the Infantry expands at a remarkable rate, necessitating for the first time seperate Divisions with three squads each.

-Colonel Sith Lord promoted to Brig. General and made Army Command Coordination Officer. Due to the expanding size of the Army, General Lord impliments the Division structure, dividing all Army Branches into squads composed of 3 squads each command by a Division Captain.

-Lt. Zekk Terrik promoted to Captain befitting his new position as Division Commander.

-Captain Cherokee promoted to Major.

-Black Lodge joins the sim..."and on the next day, everyone rested"

APRIL 1998-

-Beroge joins Empire; placed in the Army, MEF.

-Lt. Cmdr Ptjedi and Lt. Fizzban open the Imperial Holonet page for the 3rd Recon.

-Lt. Col. Archer Gantt defects to the Alliance and becomes High Commander, 2nd in charge of the Alliance after Zee Wolf.

-Major General Connel orders a death hunt for Archer Gantt.

-Beroge promoted to Sergeant, XO of Beta Squad.

MAY 1998-

-VSDs enter service

-PeonLeader AWOL, Beroge promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, and CO of Beta Squad.

-Shivan Promoted to Captain and XO of the ISD Invicble Fleet, Promised command of a VSD, but the sim dies before that can happen

-Beroge demoted and sent to Recon as Sergeant.

-The EMPIRE signs a treaty with the BHA.

-Beroge promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and CO of Lightning Squad.

-Peich joins Navy.

Kirov Quel-Droma promoted to Commodore, CO of R&D

-Lt. GEsling creates the "new" Newbie Guide

- Lt. Black Lodge promoted to Captain and given Death Watch's former Division commander position.

- Captain Zekk Terrik leaves infantry to become Officer in Charge of Recon, also promoted to Major.

- Lt. Ishi Tibs Twin promoted to Captain to take DC spot vacated by Terrik.

- Captain Darth_Vader is assigned to Infantry duty after a tour in the disbanded Imperial Guard. He is given command of the Third Infantry Division

- General of the Army Nlyn asked to resign for the well-being of the Army, Army Executive Officer Major General Trey Connel becomes new General of the Army. Command Coordinationd Officer Brig. General Sith Lord becomes new Army XO.

- Lt. Col. Cherokee given CCO position vacated by Sith Lord and promoted to full Colonel. Captain Black Lodge promoted to Major and becomes Officer in Charge of Infantry. Lt. T-Tank promoted to Captain and given DC spot vacated by Black Lodge.

JUNE 1998-

-Spytek becomes Emperor on June 7th, after Vodo steps down due to personal reasons. Vodo remains in the Empire as Moff of the Boeus Sector.

Gold5 joins Army, under command of 2nd Lieutenant Satori.

-Commander Tiree Durmin resigns his command of Sword Squadron. Slash Dryve takes over Sword Squadron and promotes Targeter to Sword XO.

-Targeter is soon promoted to Judge, when a new Judicial branch of the Empire is formed. Lt Cmdr. Ghost X-9 is made Sword XO.

-Boeus Sector Command is dissolved by the Emperor

- Major Death Watch steps down to become Artillery Officer of an Infantry Squad, and Captain Darth_Vader chosen as the new Infantry XO. Third Infantry division effectively disbanded.

- Brig. Gen. Lord promoted to Major General, Colonel Cherokee promoted to Brigadier General, Major Zekk Terrik promoted to Lt. Col., and Major Black Lodge promoted to Lt. Colonel.

- Major Corran Boat chosen as new Recon XO.

JULY 1998-

-Gold5 transfers to Infantry, CO of Wyvern Squad.

-Slash Dryve promoted to Captain.

-Red Fleet is created. Vice Admiral Mccarthur is put in command and Targeter is made a Captain and is put in the XO position. Ghost X-9 takes command of the Red Fleet fighter squadron.

-General Lord creates the Imperial Army Reserve Corps. The IARC allows soldiers to enter the reserve and participate actively upon notification that the Sim is up.

-Lt. Morai promoted to Lt. Cmdr and takes a position as Sword XO, filling the void left by Ghost X-9.

-Creation of the Kriespiel by Commodore Veynom. this is a wargame to train ourselves and keep interest in the sim while it is down.

AUGUST 1998-

-Captain Slash Dryve is transfered to the Army and is made a Col. and given command of a new branch.

-Gold5 promoted to full Lieutenant.

-Morai promoted to Captain and takes command of Sword.

-Mr. Pangborn is given command of R&D, and is again active. Former BHA Colonel Flea defects and is given a position in R&D along with Mr. Fish.

Exen Hull promoted to Brigadier General and assigned as Director of Covert Operations.

- Colonel Canler resigns his position as MEF commander, Major Gen. Lord assumes temporary command...soon choosing Lt. Silencer to replace Canler...Lt. Silencer promoted to Lt. Colonel. Corporal Stalker promoted to Captain and given command of 1st MEF Division.

-- 1Lt. Ranma promoted to Captain and given command of the 1st Recon Division after creating the SWSim Yahoo club.


-The mailing list is put up for the first time since late June.


- Lieutenant Colonel Zekk Terrik leaves, CorranBoat promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and CO of Army Recon.


-Thanks to Beroge, Recon Website comes up.

-2nd Lt. Tridget, Sgt. Glandor, Lt. Cmdr. DarkTrooper, Lt. Suba, and Brigadier General Cherokee all defect to Rebellion.

-Shivan Promoted to CO of Dyvel's Fleet


-2nd Lieutenant Yoda leaves, SyberJedi promoted to 2nd Lt. and CO of 81st Recon Squad, Tridget promoted to Sergeant and XO.

-Quadrant system introducted. At the Quadrant level, the following Army promotions occured:

BGEN Exen Hull awarded the Imperial Cross for "continuing service, and for past service with Imperial Covert Operations" by the Emperor.

-Trey to High Marshall, CO of Imperial Army

-Lord to Command General, CO of 1st Quadrant, Army XO

-Cherokee to Command General, CO of 2nd Quadrant

-Black Lodge to Command General, CO of 3rd Quadrant

-McCarther to Command General, CO of 4th Quadrant

-CorranBoat promoted to Brigadier General, CO of 5th Quadrant (Outer Rim)

And in the Navy...

-Blythe to Fleet Admiral; Command of Quadrant 1 Naval

-Veynom to Fleet Admiral; Command of Quadrant 2 Naval

-Simms to Fleet Admiral; Command of Quadrant 3 Naval

-Virgil to Fleet Admiral; Command of Quadrant 4 Naval

-PTJedi to Fleet Admiral; Command of Outer Rim Naval

-Targeter to Commodore; Command of the Command Fleet

- Dyvel Leaves the Empire.

-Shivan Creates the SWCOM: Empire IRC Room (#swcom_empire) on DALNet


-Combine Commander comes up for the first time in history!

MARCH 1999-

-Brigadier General Exen Hull leaves the Imperial Army and Covert Operations to become Director of the Imperial Treasury.

-Imperial Covert Operations comes under Warlord Vodo.

APRIL 1999-

-An April Fool's Day prank is released to the public on April 1st. It delares that Fleet Admiral Veynom is the new Emperor, and those who follow Spytek are now the New Republic. Although many of us did not fall for the joke, we did get pleasure out of those who did :)

-After the April Fools Day joke it was suggested by Sim Master Fizzban that Emporer Spytek step down and allow someone with a more menacing style to take command. Emporer Spytek gracefully agreed and Emporer Veynom became interim head of state. After a day of discussion among all levels of high command and a special meeting between Fizzban, Veynom and Connel it was decided that Emporer Piett will now lead our Empire to glory. All Hail the Emperor!

-Lennier declared Enemy of the State by Emperor Piett. Soon after, he begs forgiveness and the bounty is taken off of his head.

- Private First Class Jek T'Hresh sends an E-mail to the Imperial Listbot declaring his distrust in the Imperial system. He now has a bounty of 500 credits on his head. Let this be a lesson: Loyalty will be rewarded...unfaithfulness will get you killed.


- The HoloCom is released! The first two versions allow us to talk to others on our planet as well as go to different rooms in the main building.

- The ING (Imperial News Grid) reopens from a script breakdown, giving Imperials all of the latest news and information. You can find it at http://www.interlog.com/~hellin/Ing/default.htm

If any of this information is incorrect, e-mail me


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