Imperial History


Jennifer Dreighton

Inaugural address of Emperor Connel

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		Von: 	AZeller [=Connel; mail address deleted]
	Betreff: 	[imperialnavy] The Dawning of a New Order
	Datum: 	4. Juli 2000 09:57:13 MESZ
	Kopie: 	Imperial Command , Imperial Army Command Mailing List 

*Each Holovid across the known galaxy automatically switches on, interrupting all other transmissions. The symbol of the Galactic Empire fades to a distant camera shot of the Imperial Palace. You see millions of perfectly formed rows of Strormtroopers, Naval personnel, and officers of the Empire. The screen then begins zooming in on the main gates of the palace, where there seems to be a small podium with a line of members of Imperial High Command standing, arms crossed behind their backs. The camera then focuses on the podium, as a figure dressed in a black robe slowly approaches. As he gets closer to the podium, the crowd grows silent. The figure reaches the podium, and begins to speak*

July 1st. A day to be remembered. The day Piett stepped down. The sudden and mysterious departure of our long time leader. The re-birth of a New Order.

The dawning of a new day has come, and with it, a new sense of direction. Gone are the days of confusion, of conflict, of inactivity, and of inconsistencies. Upon us, comes clarity, cooperation, activity, and a new level of loyalty.

Give me your faith and your loyalty, and I will give you order, and victory. Something to be proud of again. The name "Empire" will once again strike fear into the hearts and souls of our enemies.

Those loyal to the Order will not only see the glory of a new galaxy ripe with order, but also be a part of it, and share in all its splendor. Those who would betray us in our march to bring order to a galaxy full of chaos, will be crushed under the foot of Imperial Justice.

To come out victorious, we need the manifestation of unity that the Empire has yet to reach. You are all an integral part of the success the Empire is striving for. I not only need your best effort, I expect it. Anything less is unacceptable. The time has come, and the stage is set, now it's time for us to step up and to quell the fires of rebellion and chaos that torment our universe.

Join me, and we shall put an end to the pitiful rebellion and their spiteful lies and terrorist actions.

*The cheers are deafening as Emperor Connel raises his hands high in the air. He then turns towards the members of High Command that are congregated behind him, and walks through the gates into the palace, followed by his staff as the cheers continue. As the gates close behind them, the Imperial symbol flashes back on your holovid, then fades to black.*