Imperial History


Jennifer Dreighton

Resignation of Emperor Connel

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The message was posted to the Imperial News Grid (ING) and preserved in an email of Count Uebles to the Imperial Core mailinglist (which also explains the odd formating, I may clean this up at some later point.)

	Von: 	Michael Ortmann [= Count Uebles; mail address deleted]
	Betreff: 	[imperialcore] Communique HC-UE 101
	Datum: 	22. Februar 2001 00:54:06 MEZ
From: R. Adm. Count Uebles
To: Imperial Core

A message of interest to all of you from the ING:



6:43 PM EST - Connel

Greetings members of the Empire. It's been no secret that since my return, I have not been like my old self. What I went through IRL just proved to be too much, and my motivation and interest towards the Combine has been non-existant, and never allowed me to be able to get back into character. Therefore, I am leaving the Combine for good. I will be posting my resignation on the ING and the Combine Imperial news page Tuesday. I will spend my time until Tuesday distributing my Combine points and/or credits to all of my friends, and will turn over any and all personal items/ships/vehicles to the Empire. I will then have my good friend LawrenceO delete my character from the Combine Database...Trey Connel will NOT be returning to the Combine.

What I WILL be doing is starting over fresh, putting my efforts into the coming Star Wars Galaxies game, specifically, in the Imperial group I am arranging for that game. To all of my friends in the Combine, if you are interested in the SWG Group, you can go to "The Imperial Order" page at and check it out. If you want to join, just let me know and I'll get you on the list. The page isn't much now, but the real page is almost done and ready for posting. Note that no one will have to quit the combine if you wish to join. Sometime next week I will be sending out invitations for friends in the Combine to join, and anyone that I happen to forget to contact, or have outdated email addresses, consider this an open invitation. I hope you consider it, as we can use much help in setting the foundation for this new organization.

Before I finish, I just want to say thank you to Veynom and Ranma for all the time and effort they have put into their work on the Combine. I'd also like to thank Drayson, Vodo, Spytek, Piett, Mccarthur, and Nlyn....Serving you all when you were Emperor, and Nlyn as my mentor Army Commander, has led to a most memorable time in the SWSim/SWCombine. Last, but DEFINATELY not least, I'd like the thank the thousands of people that have come, gone, and stayed over these last 4 years that I can still call my friends today. I've known most of you for a LONG time, and your friendships mean a lot to me. My loyalty to you is the reason I came back even while I was still dealing with my personal problems, and you are also the reason why it is so difficult to leave now. I'm going to use my current ICQ number for Star Wars Galaxies, so I hope many of you will stay in touch when I'm gone, whether or not you join my Galaxies Player Group, a different Galaxies Player Group, or just stay with the Combine. With that, here ends this transmission.

The official stance of the Imperial Core will be published soon. Until then this is not to be commented or discussed outside the Core. -- Rear Admiral Count Uebles Imperial Core Admiral of the Navy [NIAA] [INIS] [ETD3] [LOC] [1 Year] ICQ: 50586418 To turn and look upon its face, Brought fear I'd never known -- The shadow has ever haunted me, As I walk the Earth so alone-- And when I turned, No face I saw, For the Shadow was my own. Death Angel's Shadow. Karl Edward Wagner